Hi! We are Fábio and Ruth.

A Brazilian and Spanish couple that met in London.

Since we have met, we noticed that one of the shared interests that bonded us the most was our love for travel… obviously not as much as the love for each other, but having a passion in common united us even more. In the first year together we had already a small picture of what was going to be our life: always traveling, learning a lot from other cultures and discovering new horizons.

As time passed our friends have “taken advantage” of our knowledge gained during those travels and it was not uncommon to receive a call or an e-mail asking for help on planning their trips. We always did so with pleasure, as in one way it was like travelling to the past to organize our own route, repeating good experiences and the best thing… avoiding the mistakes, especially with schedules and money spent in other countries. And during this long journey through different countries, life has been kind to us and put in the middle of the road wonderful people of many cultures and nationalities who were able to help us whenever we needed and shared with us their own experiences – positive ones and some not that much, but that turned out to be useful for us. The consequence is that nowadays we can say that we have amazing friends on all corners of the globe.


And That's How Tenerife Travel Secrets Was Born...

Now with our little baby, we cannot travel in the “crazy” way that we were doing (although we tried in the first two months of his life J), so we had to postpone a bit long trips that were in our plans. Because of that, we have enough time to create this website and help others looking for the taste of one of the most wonderful islands of the Atlantic – Tenerife. Ruth was born there and Fabio had the opportunity to visit several times and fall in love for the place.


So, an insider knowledge blended with an outsider point of view (although not so outsider anymore…). It’s a great mixture and a plus to show the best possible perspective.

With the information that is being constantly added we want to help you make the most out of your trip and show you all the charms of this amazing island. We believe that in Tenerife you can enjoy endless activities all year round and we want you to fall in love with the island before your visit, because when you're at it, you'll want to be there for much longer than planned.


What Will You Find at Tenerife Travel Secrets?

enerife Travel Secrets was born with the idea of ​​helping those who intend to visit the island or simply want to know more of its geography, traditions, people and activities. We want our visitors to think of Tenerife as an unforgettable destination for an unique vacation, but not only that – also to experience here some of the best moments of their lives.

Although Tenerife, apparently, is a small island, activities and options offered are so broad that probably you will need to extend your visit so to enjoy it more. If the goal of your vacation is the sun and the beach, in some of the 70 km of coastline of Tenerife, then you will have the chance to enjoy beaches of every imaginable color (mostly with black volcanic sand though), one for each day of your vacation. So here is what you will find at Tenerife Travel Secrets, among other things:

  • Best beaches, interesting villages or pueblos, great festivals, broad range of activities, amazing restaurants with delicious food and wine, and so much more...
  • Recommendation of several accommodation options to suit your budget and needs, from the most luxurious resorts to the most modest of campsites;
  • We share those little "secrets" that are known to the locals, but that usually go completely unnoticed by most tourists visiting the island;
  • What to do when the weather is not favorable... in the south of the island is atypical that there is no sun, but if you decide to visit the north of the island, you should be prepared for any weather change (believe or not... sometimes and in some places you might experience four seasons in one day);
  • Suggestion to various events, sports and cultural activities organized throughout the year. It is indeed important to know what’s going on in Tenerife during the days you are on the island;
  • And by the time you are on the island, we offer a summary of essential activities and places to visit.