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The El Cardón NaturExperience Group has been active for about 15 years (since 1999). The group’s activities have been developed within the fields of Environment and Tourism, the latter particularly in the past 5 years. Its origins were a school workshop in which the students were going door-to-door asking questions of the inhabitants in the area to better understand the local customs and history.

Later they were evaluated to confirm that the guides were providing the correct historical data for the region. The main activities of El Cardón are focused in the area known as Teno, Santiago del Teide and Isla Baja (the villages of Garachico, Los Silos, Buenavista del Norte and El Tanque). It is a sparsely-developed area for tourism, but it has a very particular and unique charm.

El Cardon NaturExperience gives you an amazing experience in one of the less explored part of Tenerife

Booking your activity with El Cardon

El Cardon NaturExperience gives you an amazing experience in one of the less explored parts of Tenerife.

Over the years the name of the El Cardón Group has had several variations, due to the constant evolution experienced by the company, such as:

  • El Cardón Educación Ambiental (El Cardón Environmental Education);
  • El Cardón Turismo y Medio Ambiente (El Cardón Tourism and Environment);
  • El Cardón NaturExperience (the current name)

Activities Provided by El Cardón NaturExperience

Currently there is a vast range of activities to suit almost all the possible tastes of nature lovers. The activities offered all year long are the following:

  • Barranco de Masca (Masca Ravine) - Who gives you the most? It’s the question that we have on our minds about this tour : transfer from/to Buenavista del Norte and Los Silos, stroll through the village of Masca, 4.5 kilometres of trail (called senderismo in Spanish) through the canyon, alternating trail through slopes, geology, flora and fauna at their best, the sound of water (especially in winter when the volume of the water in the canyon is higher), bathing at the end of the journey at the beautiful Masca Beach (during winter, due to the high tide, there are only stones, as the part of the beach with sand is fully covered by the ocean) surrounded by the 450 feet high cliffs, and finally lunch on the boat that will take you back to Los Gigantes, with the possibility of seeing the dolphins that live there. Departures are on Thursdays, provided that there are at least five participants for the journey. We recommend bringing some food supplies for the journey (isotonic/water, fruit, sandwiches, cereal bars, etc).
El Cardon NaturExperience - Masca ravine

  • Ruta de las Tradiciones de Teno (Teno Route of Traditions): This is an activity that, as a local, I find particularly interesting and appealing. You will feel like you are being transported back to a time when everything was easier and simpler. Every Saturday there is a stroll around the Parque Rural de Teno (a Country Park that is one of the most authentic places in Tenerife), while learning about the traditions of the region as well as tasting some regional Canary Island products. It is also recommended to bring along a small picnic for mid-morning.
El Cardon NaturExperience - Ruta de las Tradiciones

  • A trip to the world of volcanoes on El Teide: The activity starts with a tour (by car) lasting approximately two and a half hours exploring the Parque Nacional de las Canadas del Teide (a World Heritage site) and several of its viewpoints. The next part of the activity is the hiking (senderismo) through the area of Los Roques de García, that can be completed in about 3 hours on foot. Departures are on Tuesdays and there should be at least 5 participants for the activity to be done. As usual it is recommended to bring some food and drinks to recover your energy during the walk.
El Cardon NaturExperience - Hiking and tour in Las Canadas del Teide

  • Stars & Volcanoes Experience: in our opinion this is certainly the most innovative and spectacular activity that El Cardón NaturExperience offers. Few activities can provide you with what this experience of "reading the skies" offers. It is performed, mainly in summer time, in a unique place listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: the Las Canadas del Teide National Park. At 2,000 metres altitude, you will get a thorough introduction to astronomy in a place which has one of the clearest skies on the planet (in fact, that is the reason why the Canary Islands have two of the most important telescopes in the world). Besides enjoying and learning, your palate will taste some sweets from El Aderno and the traditional liquors from Hermanas Contreras. On top of the above, the activity includes a paper guide (starlight), warm blankets and a telescope. Don’t forget to bring a small picnic and drinks to recover your energy during the tour.
El Cardon NaturExperience - stars watching in Las Canadas del Teide

  • Sea Kayaking (canoeing) in the Teno area (€23) and Los Gigantes (€20): it is great to see the Los Gigantes cliffs while enjoying the activity – this is undoubtedly one of the most fun activities in Tenerife. Best of all, as the participants don´t need to have prior experience, nearly everyone can try it. There’s a maximum of 50 participants in tandem canoes. For two hours you will enjoy the wonderful views of the area, dive in the waters near the cliffs, taste the Mojito Mousse of El Aderno and get a soft drink to quench your thirst. In summer (May to September) the activity is held every Sunday, and in July, August and September it is extended to Wednesdays and Saturdays. However, if you organise a group, it can be done on some other days of the week. In winter (from October to April) this activity is held only for groups of at least 15 people on any day you like.
El Cardon NaturExperience - sea kayak

  • Cetaceans: A boat departs every day from the marina at Los Gigantes that gives you the opportunity to enjoy views of the cliffs and the colony of cetaceans (bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales) which reside in this area permanently. The boat will reach Masca Bay, where you can try the menu on board or swim or snorkel in those crystal waters.
El Cardon NaturExperience - cetaceans

  • Electric Bikes: El Cardón NaturExperience has 5 electric bikes that can be rented for few hours or days to be used in the Isla Baja area. They have three models for rent: Adventure, Elegance 36 and Urban Plegable.

In addition, depending on the time of the year and demand, El Cardón NaturExperience also offers: canyoning in Carrizal, where water runs all year round, making for a totally unique adventure on the island; La Ruta de Los Almendros en Flor (route of the Blossoming Almonds) in the early months of the year; Senderismo por Anaga (Hiking in Anaga); Senderismo en la Montaña Roja (Hiking in the Red Mountain) and an evening at El Médano Beach; ornithological routes; visits to volcanic tubes; rock climbing; multi-adventure activities, business incentives and much more... They also run senderismo (trails) on other Canary Islands and at national parks in Spain (Doñana, Picos de Europa, Sierra Nevada, etc.). There are almost no limits for this group that have guided people with physical disabilities – such as the Organización Nacional de Ciegos (National Organization for the Blind) – and taught environmental education at schools and summer camps, as well as on visits to Siam Park and Loro Parque.

El Cardon NaturExperience - The blossom almond trees tour
El Cardon NaturExperience - Bird watching

The activities which can only be done in Spanish at the moment (although do not hesitate to ask if they are available in your language) and which focus mainly on Hispanic tourism are:

  • The delicatessen programme (in the collaboration with the El Aderno pastry shop in Buenavista del Norte) and liquor tasting with Hermanas Contreras. Since 2011, El Cardón NaturExperience has offered this programme, which is unique in Tenerife, a few times a month (or by special request for groups). It gives a different option to mix walks surrounded by nature, history and tradition with the flavours of Canary Island cuisine offered by El Aderno (almond sweets, figs with chocolate, spice cookies, and many other options).
El Cardon NaturExperience - Delicatessen program and the delicious Truchas
El Cardon NaturExperience - Delicatessen program and rosquetes
El Cardon NaturExperience - Delicatessen program and chocolate pastries

Tenerife Travel Secret

Why not give a special present to someone special? All of the activities are available as “Tarjetas Regalo NaturExperiences” (gift cards) to give as a present to anyone you want for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, etc. For that you just need to contact El Cardón NaturExperience by telephone (+34 922 127 938), e-mail (info@elcardon.com) or by visiting any of the stores in the Hotel Vincci Selección Buenavista 5* Luxury or Albergue de Bólico).

El Cardon NaturExperience - NaturExperience gift

Important to Know...

As previously mentioned, the El Cardón NaturExperience team mainly covers the area known as Isla Baja and Teno: Garachico , El Tanque, Santiago del Teide, Los Silos and Buenavista del Norte. The Group works with other companies in the region, helping to boost the economy in small, authentic villages. As an example, they have used the services of local taxi drivers on several occasions, which in many cases not only takes the "adventurers" to the starting point, but also complements the information with personal experiences.

In general, to do an activity there has to be a minimum of at least five people. Sometimes they have to work with large groups, but they usually prefer fewer people, in order to provide a more complete and personal service that characterises the excellence of their activities. And also, if there is a tour that you want to do but the dates do not fit your needs or it is not listed, feel free to ask for a budget and schedule. They might prepare something really special for you.

El Cardon NaturExperience - walking in Buenavista del Norte

Tenerife Travel Secret

El Cardón NaturExperience, if the weather makes it impossible to perform the scheduled activity, they will definitely ensure that their customers are warned about any changes with as much notice as possible. If the excursion is not available, the guide may propose a secure alternative for the paid tour. If this is also not possible, then another date for the completion of the activity will be provided. In case of permanent suspension and when the other alternatives are not possible for you, the company will refund you. If you inform El Cardón at least 2 days in advance, then you have also the possibility of cancelling the activity at no cost.

The activities are usually requested by individuals or groups who contact them via e-mail or phone. Also the different municipalities contact El Cardón NaturExperience every now and then to book excursions or cultural activities for the local population.

Tenerife Travel Secret Tip

Online booking of weekend activities should be done always before 2pm on the Friday.

El Cardón NaturExperience has 3 permanent professional guides and some other freelance guides, all of whom have enough experience to make the activity unforgettable. There are guides that speak Spanish, French, German and English.

El Cardon NaturExperience - team

Tenerife Travel Secret

So that you feel completely safe, El Cardón NaturExperience only works with trained professionals. The price of the activities includes insurance, the use of approved materials and safety items such as a first aid kit, mobile phones and even radio stations. And if this is not enough, you have the option to purchase personal accident insurance for each activity. Anyway, do not forget that their activities are done in the natural environment, so always exercise extreme care.

Finally, it is difficult to establish a minimum or maximum age, although as a general rule, it is recommended that you are at least 7 to participate in the activities. Also, it is important that you define what you can and cannot do, according to your physical condition (can you walk long distances up and down hills, are you in good health, are you able to swim if going to the sea, etc.). There are 3 levels of difficulty: Low, Medium and High. Check with the El Cardón NaturExperience team what is recommended according to your abilities before the activity.

Final Comments from the Authors

Having descended the “Barranco de Masca” (ravine Masca) with the El Cardón NaturExperience professionals, we at Tenerife Travel Secrets can assure our visitors that you will not only enjoy a pleasant experience, but will also have the opportunity to absorb detailed and unique information from the area visited, as well as to learn in a simple and entertaining way everything about flora, geology, wildlife and history.

What more can you ask for a few hours surrounded by nature?

El Cardon NaturExperience - hiking Masca

Tenerife Travel Secret

Another little secret that we will share with you is that El Cardón not only has excellent professionals but also amazing people. The way they deal with their customers is always right, with extreme care and compassion, trying to provide the best experience for the local visitors and the foreigners that want to know a bit more about this beautiful island. We heard the same opinion from other friends who had the opportunity to participate in their activities.

El Cardon NaturExperience - great and funny profesionals

We certainly recommend that you try one of the activities in El Cardón’s portfolio. You will certainly have a privileged view of Tenerife and the Canary Islands. With El Cardón NaturExperience you will have the opportunity to make your holiday in Tenerife special, which for the common tourist is reduced only to the beach and sun. Dare to know more about the islands and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to El Cardón NaturExperience for all the information and photos.

El Cardon NaturExperience - great Experience in Tenerife

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