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The El Cardon NaturExperience Group is a tourist agency that has been active since 1999. Their main activities take place in Teno, Santiago del Teide and Isla Baja (including Garachico, Los Silos, Buenavista del Norte and El Tanque). Although these areas don’t have the standard tourist facilities, they do have their own particular and unique charm.

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El Cardon NaturExperience originated as a school workshop. Students would go door-to-door and ask local inhabitants questions to get a better understanding of the area’s customs and history. The answers were then evaluated and used to ensure that guides were providing accurate information about the region.


Activities provided by El Cardon NaturExperience

El Cardon NaturExperience currently offers a wide range of activities to suit almost all the tastes of nature lovers. The activities offered all year long are the following:

Barranco de Masca: this excursion definitely has it all. You'll start with a 4.5-kilometre walk through the canyon. Then you'll pass various slopes, rock formations and excellent plant and wild life with the sound of water rushing by. At the end, you’ll head to the beautiful Playa de Masca for some swimming surrounded by the 137-metre-high cliffs. During winter, the beach only consists of stones due to the high tide. Finally, you’ll have some lunch aboard a boat that will take you back to Los Gigantes. You'll have the chance to see the dolphins that live in the area on the way. Departures are every Wednesday, provided that there is a minimum of five participants for the excursion. We also recommend that you bring some snacks and drinks for the trip.


Ruta de las Tradiciones de Teno: this is an activity that, as a local, I find particularly interesting and appealing. You feel as if you’re being transported back to a simpler and easier time. The excursion criss-crosses Parque Rural de Teno, where you’ll learn about the region’s traditions and sample some regional delicacies. We recommend you bring a small picnic with you for mid-morning.


Stars & Volcanoes Experience: we think this activity is one of the most spectacular El Cardon NaturExperience has to offer. Mostly offered in summer, you'll “read the skies” with a thorough introduction to astronomy at 2,000 metres above sea level at Las Canadas del Teide National Park. Don’t forget to bring a small picnic and some drinks with you to maintain your energy throughout the tour.


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Las Cañadas del Teide National Park has one of the clearest skies on the planet. This is why the Canary Islands host two of the most important telescopes in the world. The park is also a certified Starlight Tourist Destination.


Sea Kayaking: this 2-hour activity is a great way to see Los Gigantes cliffs and dive in clear waters. This activity is for almost everyone, so no experience is required. It takes place daily all year round – however there is a 10-person minimum for groups during the winter.


Cetaceans (whale watching): A boat departs daily from the marina at Los Gigantes. You'll enjoy seeing the cliffs and the colonies of bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales that live in the area. The boat travels to Masca Bay, where you can have a meal on board or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters.


Delicatessen Tenerife: once a month, tourists can combine a walk through nature, history and tradition with flavours of the Canaries. This activity is in collaboration with El Aderno pastry shop in Buenavista del Norte.


Depending on the time of year and demand, El Cardon NaturExperience also runs other activities. Electric bike rental, canyoning in Carrizal, the Almond Blossom Route, hiking, bird-watching and rock climbing are all seasonal options. They also organise trails on other Canary Islands and in mainland Spain. You can stay at Albergue de Bolico, which will allow you to appreciate the Teno area’s peace and tranquillity.

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All of these activities are available as gifts in the form of ‘NaturExperience Gift Cards’. Why not treat someone special with an unforgettable experience?


Important things to know

As we previously mentioned, the El Cardon NaturExperience team mainly covers the areas known as Isla Baja and Teno. This includes the villages of Garachico, El Tanque, Santiago del Teide, Los Silos and Buenavista del Norte. The group works with other companies in the region, helping to boost the economy of small and authentic villages. Most activities generally require a minimum of five people to go ahead. Ask for prices and an itinerary via e-mail, on the website or over the phone if you're interested.


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If you’re planning to book online, it is always best to book your weekend excursions before 2pm on Friday.

If the weather makes your excursion impossible, El Cardon NaturExperience will offer you an alternative date for your trip. If you’re unable to do the excursion on this alternative date, then you will be given a refund. You can also cancel your booking free of charge up to two days before your planned excursion.

El Cardon NaturExperience only works with trained professionals and the price of their activities includes insurance, approved materials and safety equipment. The guides always treat their customers with extreme care and compassion, and always ensure that local visitors and foreign tourists alike who want to learn more about this beautiful island get the best experience possible.


Final comments from the authors

We at Tenerife Travel Secrets have personally climbed down Barranco de Masca, done some stargazing at Las Cañadas,sea kayaking, and stayed at Albergue de Bolico (where we also enjoyed the family atmosphere) with El Cardon NaturExperience. Therefore, we can assure you that, not only will you have a pleasant time on any of these excursions, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn detailed and one-of-a-kind facts about the surrounding area, as well as learn in a simple and fun way about the local plant life, wild life, geology and history. What more could you ask for from a few hours surrounded by nature?


We can definitely recommend that you try one of the activities organised by El Cardon NaturExperience. With them, you’ll see Tenerife and the Canary Islands from a different point of view, and any excursion you do with El Cardon NaturExperience is guaranteed to make your holiday in Tenerife special – away from the typical beach and sun. Dare to learn more about the Canary Islands, and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Special thanks to El Cardon NatureExperience for the information and photos.