We strolled from the La Orotava Valley to the El Bollullo beach, on the north coast of Tenerife. This is something that any tourist who comes to the north of the island has to do, as you will be impressed by the surrounding landscape. This is perhaps the best way of admiring both the impressive Teide volcano on one side and the amazing coastline on the other.

It was the first day of the year, and the weather in Tenerife embraced us in the best possible way: a stunning blue sky and a pleasant temperature - not too hot, with a gentle, fresh breeze which made us want to spend the whole day outside.


Our hike to El Bollullo beach began in a higher, cooler part of La Orotava.

We began our trekking expedition to El Bollullo beach in the region of Los Pinos, at a higher (and cooler) altitude than the town centre. Still, we had great weather from the beginning, and that made the walk even more pleasant.

In the last 10 months Noah has walked a lot during our trip around the world so it was not a problem for him to walk along with us.

Of course, our perspective changed a lot over the course of the day and the excursion. We started the walk from the top of the La Orotava Valley, with a closer view of the Teide and the coastal area in the north of Tenerife on the horizon.

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From there we could just about see the beaches in Puerto de la Cruz and Costa Martiánez, but to see El Bollullo, Los Patos and El Ancón we had to wait until we got to the coast, as those beaches hide below some high cliffs.


The trail continues through the areas of El Risco Caído and El Rincón. The latter is known for having some banana plantations (have you heard about "Canary Island Bananas"? 🙂 ) and other types of crops.

Walking this route downhill is obviously easier than going in the opposite direction, although even downhill it's a bit tiring. We therefore stopped at times to enjoy our surroundings and the beautiful estates along the way.


After a few kilometres we came to a fork in the road which would take us to El Ancón or straight to El Bollullo beach. Given we wanted to get a closer look at the Los Patos beach, located between these two places, we headed towards the east until we started to walk down an alternative path through a narrow ravine.


Suddenly we were little explorers, with our son leading the way through the El Pino ravine.


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This is a very popular walk, especially among German and Nordic tourists who spend their holidays in Puerto de la Cruz and the northern area (although in the summer there are lots more locals). We therefore saw lots of people who wanted to get to the cliff-lined coast or were on their way back from there.


Finally we arrived at the top of the cliff from where you can see the Los Patos beach.

At that point there is a pathway which may not be as safe as you'd like (this is particularly the case for us with our 4-year-old son). But if you stick to the signs carefully you'll be able to enjoy the views without a problem.

Under the cliff we could immediately see El Pozo and the Los Patos beach, where some surfers were taking the opportunity to enjoy the waves in this part of the Canaries.


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The waters on many of the beaches in the north of Tenerife have very strong sea currents and they therefore aren't the safest for bathers, so take care. But for that reason the surfers really enjoy the waves there.

On the other side of the cliff is the El Ancón beach, but we couldn't see that one from there.

We continued our walk along the trail that borders the cliff until we reached the popular El Bollullo beach.


As it was the first day of the year and the weather was beautiful, naturally the beach was full of sunbathers enjoying the moment.


Continuing the excursion to Puerto de la Cruz

After we arrived at the coast and el Bollullo beach we continued our walk, enjoying the views of the Teide, the Cordillera Dorsal mountains to the side, and the coastal area full of Tenerife's banana trees.

A little to the west it was possible to see Costa Martiánez and the famous pools at Lago Martiánez.


After three hours of walking it was time to find a place for lunch where we could relax a bit, before having to go home.

Our last stop was in the quiet but touristy area of La Paz, in Puerto de la Cruz. This is a place with resorts and apartments for rent, as well as restaurants and bars that serve local dishes and international cuisine, adapting to the tastes of visitors.

We'd brought some things in the backpack for the road but the three of us were hungry, so we chose a restaurant that served typical Canary Island dishes. We didn't regret it at all as everything - the grilled cheese, sausage, croquettes and chicken breast - was delicious.


The weather was fantastic throughout, so we spent a perfect day as a family on the first day of the year.

In about four hours we were able to enjoy the beautiful views of the north of Tenerife from different perspectives: from the top of the La Orotava Valley and from the coastal area where we got some amazing views of Mount Teide and the valley.