... dive in the south of Tenerife

Diving Atlantis Tenerife have been helping diving enthusiasts to discover Tenerife’s seabed since 2013. Originally in Playa de la Arena, they are now better located in Los Cristianos just in front of the sea. They listen to their clients’ requests regarding how deep they want to go and what they want to see. There are so many options: caves, schools of fish, starfish, crabs, octopuses, volcanic landscapes, etc. They also operate in at least six languages (Spanish, English, French, Polish, Russian and German).


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The team’s motto is to work with each client individually, regardless of whether the divers are beginners or experienced.

Activities offered by Diving Atlantis Tenerife

The variety of activities offered by Diving Atlantis Tenerife is huge and you can book in advance. Their dives are usually from Tabaiba to Los Gigantes, in the south of the island. This is because in the north there are constant waves, so it’s very difficult to find calm waters for diving. We invite you to check out the list of experiences they offer.

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Try-Dive is recommended for people who’ve never dived or those who don’t yet have a licence and don’t feel safe. A private instructor will devote enough time to the diver to ensure they feel comfortable going underwater. Hotel pick-up and drop-off is available at 9am and 4pm.


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Unlike almost any other company, Diving Atlantis Tenerife ensures each first-timer gets a private instructor.

Snorkelling is one of the most fun activities you can do on the water with Diving Atlantis Tenerife. They can pick you up at your hotel at 10am and drop you off again at 2pm.

PADI diving courses are designed for those who have no experience or want to improve their diving skills. There are several courses, starting at one- and two-day programmes. However, the three-day "Open Water" course, with many different exercises in and out of the water, is recommended for beginners. At the end of the course you will receive a PADI diver certificate, which is one of the most prestigious licences worldwide.


Dive packages can be for five days or three days with two dives each day. These packages are usually chosen by licensed divers with experience, who use the diving school as a guide. Groups of up to four people work with one instructor. If you're interested, you can also dive at night.

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Diving Atlantis Tenerife take licensed divers to different places so that they can enjoy a new experience on each dive.

If you cannot carry out the activity, there is no problem in cancelling it. You are asked to give at least a day’s notice to receive a refund. The water may be cold in winter, but the instructors will make sure you’re kept warm and protected.

Diving with a DPV scooter will get you to hidden places more quickly than if you dive with fins. However, to use them you must have a minimum level of experience and skill. If you meet the criteria, don’t miss out on the opportunity! You’ll be taught how to use scooters effectively and reach places that few people can see.


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Diving Atlantis Tenerife are one of the few companies that use DPV Underwater Scooters. These are designed for advanced divers, who know how to handle them safely.

Diving Atlantis Tenerife with children and family

You can start to dive to a depth of four metres from age eight. From age 10 you can do the same courses as adults and dive to the same depth.

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Diving Atlantis Tenerife offers to take the diver's family to where the dive will take place. That way, even if they aren’t participating they can enjoy the beach.


How to get to Diving Atlantis Tenerife

Diving Atlantis Tenerife’s office is located near the beach of Los Cristianos.

Paseo Maritimo 17, loc. 13, Los Cristianos 38650

Final Comments from the Authors to Diving Atlantis Tenerife

How wonderful to think that you can discover Tenerife’s seabed at any time of year. There’s surprising wealth under the sea, with fauna, rock formations, sunken ships, caves, etc. It’s an unexplored world just a few metres below the surface.


Diving Atlantis Tenerife will take care of you and ask what you want to see. They’ll do the impossible to make you feel comfortable from the first minute to the last second. We know it can be a completely new experience for many, but we think you have to try it. When will you schedule your dive for in Tenerife?

Last but not least, Acaman Photography is a partner of Diving Atlantis Tenerife. Take advantage of the island’s many spectacular landscapes and book a spectacular photo session for any time of day. Sunset photos are always popular though 😊.