Chinyero volcano walk was our triumphant return to Tenerife, after spending 10 months traveling the world and promoting the island.

And since now we have a little more time than normal, we've decided to invest our weekends in little excursions that might come in handy for you to unwind from your weekly routine.

Tenerife has a very large network of trails, considering how small it is. All you have to do is forget about your day-to-day tasks at least once a month (if once a week is too ambitious) and get out to discover the many interesting spots on the island. Obviously if you are in Tenerife as a tourist it is a unique opportunity to take away some unforgettable memories (both on your camera and in your mind).

Our first grand day out before the end of the year was the 'Chinyero volcano walk'., in National Park of Las Canadas del Teide Originally the forecast had been that it would be cloudy, but the weather was on our side and as time went on the clouds disappeared, leaving a beautiful blue sky with the odd white speck.


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The Chinyero volcano was the last volcano to erupt in Tenerife, on 18th November 1909. Before that eruption it had been 111 years since the previous one (Las Narices del Teide).


Our excursion by Chinyero volcano walk

A circular tour around the Chinyero volcano is relatively simple and can be completed in less than three hours, enjoying the landscapes and different types of terrain that you'll find there.

We parked the car at the side of the road and headed to the entrance of the trail, starting on the left.


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The Chinyero volcano walk is an excursion with a great variety of landscapes, as it passes through gravelled areas, lava fields and pinewoods and then at the end you can see the beautiful volcanic cone from a high panoramic area.


We continued to skirt around the various volcanoes that surround the Chinyero and we stumbled upon a lava stream. We were more careful on that part of the trip as we were literally walking on uneroded lava.

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The Chinyero eruption was one of the ones which threw out the least lava, perhaps because it was only active for ten days.


After crossing the lava field you'll get to the pinewood which literally backs onto the volcano. The crater can be seen much better from the area where you enter the trail.


About halfway round Chinyero you can eat a snack, and when we found a large pine tree (from where there's a spectacular panoramic view of the volcano) we thought it was a perfect place to munch something we'd brought in our backpack. Of course, don't forget to take your rubbish with you 🙂


From this point the route becomes quite pleasant, as it is downhill through pine trees that protect you from the sun (especially in summer) and it leads directly to the beginning of the trail, near the road.


When you arrive back at the beginning of the trail, don't forget to turn around and admire the beauty of the peak of the Teide, the pine trees on the left and the Boca Cangrejo volcano on the right.


Tenerife Travel Secret

Christopher Columbus witnessed an eruption in Tenerife when he stopped in the Canaries on one of his journeys to the Americas in 1492. Thanks to studies of Carbon-14, it is believed that that eruption (described in the admiral's reports) is likely to have been from the Boca Cangrejo volcano.


Getting to Chinyero volcano walk

If you are in the south of the island you have to climb via Guía de Isora, but if by chance you are already in the Teide National Park then you should head to Llano de Ucanca and then take the motorway to the right towards Chío and Guía de Isora. You will pass Las Narices del Teide and the Arenas Negras recreational park, and then you can leave your car by the right-hand side of the road and start this short but beautiful excursion.


Final comments about Chinyero volcano walk

Without a doubt, the circular tour around Chinyero, the Chinyero volcano walk, is enjoyable and entertaining and a perfect thing to do as a family, in the company of friends or as a couple. You can enjoy a great variety of landscapes in a relatively small area. An opportunity that should not be missed when you're on the island.