Cheap Flights to Tenerife
A Really Well-Connected Island

Booking cheap flights to Tenerife is not a difficult task, especially if you consider that the island has 2 rather sizeable airports – Tenerife north airport Los Rodeos, in La Laguna, and Tenerife south airport Reina Sofia, in Granadilla de Abona. The latter is the most used by tourists searching for sunny holidays in the south of the island, although many prefer the northern airport, which is closer to the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

check-in hall of Tenerife North Airport - Los Rodeos

Tenerife is a destination to several airlines, including Iberia, and connects with many cities in Europe. Other major airlines though, like British Airways, KLM and Lufthansa have direct flights to Madrid, Barcelona and other cities in the mainland, and from there you can take another flight to Tenerife. Even changing the flights, the booking of cheap flights to Tenerife for the full journey can be made directly with the major airline. For example, if you are coming from London, then you can book directly with British your journey to Tenerife, but in Madrid there’s a stop, where you change to a plane from Iberia.

For long-haul trips, the same applies – you can make your booking all the way to Tenerife, but there will be for sure a stop in Madrid (usually) to change flights.

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Cheap Flights to Tenerife - Best Deals When Flying from Europe

Normally, if you are coming from another continent, the tickets can be much more expensive than if coming from Europe, however if you make your reservation long before your trip and keep checking for discounts and offers online, you might be lucky and save a good amount of money that can then be invested in the rest of your trip.

For example, autumn in Europe is a time of the year that many Europeans decide to take some days or weeks off, and come to the south of Tenerife, where the sun is guaranteed. So, instead of waiting for a last-minute offer, you can start checking before summer for discounted fares, as many people are still booking the holidays for July/August.

Cheap flights to Tenerife, for both South and North Airports, when coming from an European city, is even more common to find than from intercontinental cities. And, even if booking last minute, you can save in the fare. The low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair and Vueling are every now and then releasing offers online.

But of course, that there’s no way to know when the offers will be online, if they are worth and if there still are tickets available – you’ve got to keep checking on the website of the companies. Another way is for you to subscribe to the news and feeds of these companies, and receive a message whenever they release new offers.

With all this said, it’s not a bad idea to be a bit patient and wait few days for discount tickets to Tenerife, even in the case that the current price seems to be reasonable. You never know, maybe from one day to the other you can get a 20-30% discount on the normal fare…

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Cheap Flights to Tenerife - Comparing the Fares

To help you choose and compare the best fares, you can select your route in one of the websites that select the cheapest flights to Tenerife and elsewhere, such as Trip Advisor or Kayak. These websites access the database of hundreds of airlines worldwide – major and smaller ones, including no-frills companies – and return your request with the comparison of the best offers.

The great deal of Trip Advisor, for instance, is that you can not only choose the best fares, but also check hotels, restaurants, entertainment, reviews, make the reservations and so on.

That does not impede you to select directly with your preferred airline, after all, the prices will be the same.

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Be Careful with Supplements and Other Fees

Even if sometimes you find the lowest fares you could imagine when travelling to Tenerife, be careful with the supplements and fees charged by the airlines. Hard to believe, but sometimes the net fare is much lower than the extras in a whole, and that’s when you need to decide whether to buy or check other airlines.

As an example, the low cost companies hardly display in the first screen the extras that need to be paid. Then when you think you got an excellent price for a ticket, suddenly you realize that you need to pay for a checked bag, for a credit card fee, supplement for this, and for that… and then when you calculate everything, is double of the selected fare.

In addition, be careful with the weight and dimensions of the bags/luggage accepted by the airline chosen. Some of them can be really strict with the size (Ryanair for example will charge you if your hand luggage is just a little heavier or bigger than what’s written in their general conditions). The big companies, in general, might be more flexible on this matter.

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Extra Costs with Transfer

The modern buses for transfers from the airports in Tenerife

Include also in your budget, the transportation costs you will incur for Tenerife airport transfers from the airport to your final destination in Tenerife.

Below we show you a summary of what you might expect for an airport transfer in Tenerife. We show only few destinations, but sufficient for you to plan your transfer:

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Finding cheap flights to Tenerife (along with the best accommodation) is one of the most important tasks when organizing your trip to Canary Islands. So, as explained before, plan well your journey, selecting the closest airport to your final destination, checking schedules of public transport, distance to the hotels, attractions to visit, etc. All of this will count for you to squeeze the best out of your holidays.

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