... a really well-connected island



Booking cheap flights to Tenerife isn't all that difficult. There are two sizeable airports – Los Rodeos (north) in La Laguna and Reina Sofia (south) in Granadilla de Abona. Many tourists fly to Reina Sofia for the southern sun, however Los Rodeos is closer to the capital, Santa Cruz


The biggest airlines – Iberia, British Airways, KLM and Lufthansa – all operate direct flights to Tenerife from many European cities. There are also a lot of connecting flights that go through Madrid and Barcelona. You'll more than likely have to make a connection in Madrid if you're flying from other continents.  


Cheap flights to Tenerife - the best deals when flying from Europe

If you're traveling from Europe or the Spanish Peninsula, we recommend you book your flight well in advance. By doing this, you'll get the best deals and discounts. You'll also still be able to fly there during the holiday season without having to pay too much.


If you're looking for cheap flights, we particularly recommend that you travel in October, November and January (from the 6th). February, March and April are also good months to travel, except during Carnival and Holy Week when the prices are higher. Finally, we also recommend May and the first half of June as a good time for cheap flights to Tenerife. The weather is nice across the island and the high season for travellers from the Peninsula won't have started yet.


Tenerife Travel Secret

December is a tricky month to travel to Tenerife, as 6th and 8th December are holidays and prices are inflated. People also start traveling for Christmas and New Year during the latter half of the month.


You can sometimes get a cheap flight by booking last minute, but this can obviously be quite risky. It's often tricky to know when there are offers available online. We, therefore, recommend that you visit the Ryanair and Vueling websites regularly or subscribe to their newsletters and newsfeeds.

Cheap flights to Tenerife - comparing the fares

We think the smartest way to book a cheap flight is to check comparison sites like Skyscanner, Trip Advisor or Kayak. These websites check the databases of hundreds of airlines worldwide and give you a comparison of the best prices.


For Skyscanner, simply enter your departure point and destination (Tenerife), the number of passengers and your preferred flight dates. You can also enter the month you'd like to travel if you're more flexible with the dates. This second option lets you compare the prices of all available flights throughout the month. We personally believe that this is the easiest way to find cheap flights to Tenerife.


After selecting your preferred travel dates, you'll be given a “per person” price. By clicking on this price, Skyscanner will redirect you to the website that's offering that ticket price. You can then book the flight for your perfect holiday via that website. You can always compare that price with the airline's website to see where you can get the best deal.


Be wary of surcharges and other fees

Even if you find the lowest fare possible for your flight to Tenerife, you have to be careful of surcharges. It might be hard to believe, but the ticket price is sometimes cheaper than the total cost of extras. Be sure to check this carefully and decide if you'd be able to book a cheaper flight with another airline.


For example, budget airlines often don't display any mandatory surcharges at first. You're then bombarded with extra fees for checked-in luggage, credit card fees, seat selection, in-flight meals, etc. After adding everything together, the total price is often double the selected fare.


You also have to be careful with the weight and dimensions of your luggage. Some airlines, like Ryanair, can be strict with what luggage they will accept. Larger airlines, like Iberia, are sometimes more flexible.

Extra costs for transfers

Make sure to also include the transport costs of getting from the airport to your final destination in your budget. You can either take a taxi or use the TITSA buses, which usually stop at the airport every hour. We recommend you buy a bono-bus ticket, so you get the cheapest fares. Taxis are available directly outside the airport, but you can also book a taxi transfer online with a private company.


Booking a cheap flight is one of the most important tasks when planning a trip to the Canary Islands. As we've said before, plan your trip well and fly to the airport closest to your destination. Make sure to also check public transport schedules and distances to hotels, as well as things to do nearby. Doing all of these things will help you get the most out of your holiday.