I can’t remember the first time I was in Casa Matias, but certainly this is one of the places where the memories of my childhood, and happy moments of my life with my family and Fábio are mixed. There, I gave some of my first steps and my brother was taken by my parents in his little bassinet. I've always felt so comfortable within those walls that I can’t help but think of it as if it was my grandparents’ house, due to the tight relation my family always had with Matias (the founder of the Bodegón) and his Family.

When I was a little bit “older”, with five or six years old, was already helping Matias to clean the tables and start his crosswords...:). As a teenager, remember going to eat with my parents or with my friends and enjoy the Revueltos de Carne (scrambled meat) or the Costillas de Cerdo com Papas Fritas (pork ribs with French fries)... dishes that you can taste even today.


Maintaining the Warming Relationship with their Customers After So Many Years...

The relationship that José and Fabiola (the daughter of Matias and her husband, who are fully hands on nowadays at the restaurant) try to provide to the customers hasn’t lost the special closeness and bond that I always felt with Matias and his wife Victoria. Matias used to assist and enjoy the legacy of Casa Matias almost until he passed away. José and Fabiola are a couple that is always trying to offer the best in their dishes, service and customer intimacy. They are now attending German and English classes to maintain this high standard of service towards the foreign customers.

Those two are such a genuine couple that it is understandable why after so many years behind the counter, the lovers of their dishes and services, such as Fabio and myself, are still appreciating their delicate and tasty cuisine. For them one of the most important things is the personal touch towards the customer, so there is no difference in the service to a group of "just landed” from El Teide tourists, or to an elegant couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.


Casa Matias Still Keeps the Essence from the Beginning

The place, although with the logical transformations to the present day comparing to its first years, has not lost its charm and essence, which can still be seen on its uncoated walls, the wine barrels that have always accompanied the diners, the rod with ribbons that Matias used in his childhood/youth with the folk group he belonged to, among other personal details of the family and typical of the Canarian tradition and culture. Fabiola and José prepare and take to the table with joy, the delicate and delicious dishes of the menu. Dishes that keep meeting the essence of the Canarian cuisine and the authentic flavour of a particular gastronomy.


Modern Cuisine with the Essentials of the Canarian Tastes at Casa Matias

The menu of Bodegón Restaurante Casa Matias is large and varied, including different types of starters, like the Quesos Asados (grilled cheese) with different sauces, meats, such as the several scrambled options that José offers, fishes, like the wonderful Atún en Salmorejo (tuna in gazpacho) and traditional desserts like Gofio Mousse (kind of flour made from roasted grains, and typical from Canary Islands).


The wisely elaborated menu never skimp on quality and origin, because even 50 years later, you can enjoy the same dishes, although with an updated development. The portions are appropriate to be well satisfied, in a way that if you opt for the meal for two people, don’t think you might be hungry at all. In one of our last visits, we wanted to try some of the dishes to recommend to the visitors of Tenerife Travel Secrets. We made the mistake of ordering two extra dishes (apart from the menu for two), and of course, we couldn’t finish them all. We tasted each of them, but asked Fabiola and José to prepare a Tupperware to go… Better for our toddler, who very much enjoyed the leftover next day…


We also know that the art of cooking these days evolves by leaps and bounds and every year there are new variants that may be incorporated into the usual and known recipes. That’s why Jose does not rest in his efforts to always offer the best dishes with new ideas he’s constantly receiving and learning.

Regarding the food that comes out of the kitchen, as I mentioned before, you can see the love and experience that Jose and Fabiola carry on those dishes of Casa Matias. In my tastes I'm a little basic, as almost always end up asking the same things, although it is obvious that after so many years I can say I've tried almost every dish on the menu. Among my favorites (starters and main course) are included the Revuelto de Carne con Papas Fritas (scrambled meat with fries), Carne en Fiesta, homemade croquettes, grilled cheese with different sauces offered... among many other dishes to choose.


La Despensa

Expanding the gastronomic framework, customers and fans of the cuisine exerted by José and Fabiola at Casa Matias have the good fortune to enjoy the delights of their kitchen out of the restaurant in La Orotava. This service is done by the so called "La Despensa". Anyone with a special event to celebrate, either serving à la carte dishes or buffet, can have this service offered by José, Fabiola and their team.

The advantage is that they are really flexible and can accomplish almost anything you have in mind for your event. They are open to all dining options and variants of service to the customer. You can choose from the food only, to the finest service with waiters and cooks. La Despensa can provide all the necessary equipment to organize, as well as use the material you make available to them for the service.


Moreover, besides being able to move to wherever you choose to perform your event, Casa Matias have two locations in northern Tenerife to perform your event: Finca Pura Vida in La Matanza and Casa Rural Villa Calla, with superb views in both locations. Finca Pura Vida is located near the sea and the valley views are simply breathtaking. In Villa Calla, the view is from the top of the valley of La Orotava… marvelous views as well.

To celebrate our marriage blessing in Tenerife, we chose Finca Pura Vida. Everything was perfect, the weather, the food, the music, the friends who came from many parts of the world and family, the sea views, the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that reigned in that memorable and special day for us. And of course, the food was one of the keys for that day to be as memorable as it was. Our main concern was to please the taste of food of so many people of different nationalities (from South America, Poland, Austria, Mongolia, Switzerland,...) and thanks to José and Fabiola, we achieved that. What a wonderful buffet! Many of the guests repeated 3 times the food! Everything was excellent from the starters and hot dishes to the small sandwiches and Spanish tortillas served throughout the night (so that guests would not lose their energy during the party :-)).


Another important detail to consider, not only the food was excellent but the service lived up to the high expectations we had.

From that day we can only say: Matias (in our hearts), José and Fabiola, thanks again and hopefully when we celebrate the 25 years of marriage we can repeat this tremendous experience :-).


Getting There

To get to Bodegón Restaurante Casa Matias you should go to La Orotava and from there follow the road up to Las Canadas del Teide. At the second roundabout, where there is a large fountain in the middle, and that leads to La Florida, you will find the restaurant. During summer and sunny days you can appreciate the views of the valley from the top in the small terrace.

Final Comments from the Authors

Without any doubts we, from Tenerife Travel Secrets, would recommend a visit to Bodegón Restaurante Casa Matias, mainly because this is one of the many authentic places on the island, plus we know that almost certainly you will leave happy with the food and service offered there. Relax and enjoy your time amidst the wine barrels that give a curious detail in the decoration of the place; delight yourself with the smells of traditional food with a nice blend of modern cuisine; enjoy the ease with which customers savor the dishes during relaxed conversations; listen to the traditional song in the background while waiting for the traditional bread with Chorizo de Perro (that despite the name, has nothing to do with dogs… it is just known as such in the Canary Islands 🙂 ); finally relish the moment in a place that have more than 50 years of service and thousands of customers. You are one of the lucky visitors who will taste a little bit of contemporary history of the Canary Islands.