...a Historical Mansion in the Heart of La Orotava

What a feeling to be able to visit Casa Lercaro, this beautiful mansion of the 17th century which tropical garden is an experience of tranquility to enjoy a more relaxed time. Walking through the house made me remind the large house where my grandparents used to live. These wooden floors creaking with every step, those large windows from where we could snoop the streets,… Nowadays we have a constant question of how it would have been living in such a place, since nowadays the houses are much smaller and in many cases impersonal.


The house has been cataloged as of Cultural Interest (Bien de Interés Cultural - BIC) in the category of Historic Monument as well as Site of Ethnologic Interest. We are talking about 3240 sq meters of history and architectural beauty (890 sq meters of a 3-plant building and the rest for the garden and other outbuildings).


On the second floor you can buy almost any decorative item for your home and even antiques or replicas.


In the courtyard, as mentioned, there is a gorgeous tropical garden with a beautiful view of the sea. It houses a café-restaurant called Cafe Grimaldi – which is one of the pillars of the Gastronomic Market project being developed in Casa Lercaro. At Cafe Grimaldi you could enjoy both the food, and the views. The prices there are also good and you have free WIFI.


On the other hand, the Cotilleo de la Villa is a fusion of the typical Canarian food you would find in a guachinche (traditional restaurant serving local dishes and wines at lower prices) in a exclusive environment as it is Lercaro.


After a gate gives way to a paved garden of the mansion, you can see a beautiful dragon tree, palm trees and a big wheel that was part of the water mill in the property, one of the last of which you could see in the village of La Orotava. Different ways give access to the area of the tent for celebrations, a viewpoint from where you can see the sea and part of La Orotava Valley, as well as the wine cellar often used for celebrations.


Tenerife Travel Secret

The whole and beautiful structure of the former Gofio (a kind of flour made from roasted grains, such as wheat and maize) mill within the premises of Casa Lercaro is still preserved - even though no longer in use.


Lercaro is a building with a very elegant Barroque facade in a unique environment of the whole island of Tenerife. Therefore, if you want to celebrate any special, elegant and memorable event, we recommend this experience there. In its gardens and rooms from 20 to 400 people can be easily accommodated. A perfect place to host a company dinner, a photo shoot and of course, marriage celebrations.


Casa Lercaro - Getting There

The house is located very close to Casa del Turista and Casa de Los Balcones, in the village of La Orotava:

Casa Lercaro - Calle del Colegio 5-7. 38300 - La Orotava, Tenerife


Final Comments from the Authors

In how many Manor Houses you were able to taste delicious culinary dishes or enjoy a relaxing time? If your answer is never, or in very few times, then Lercaro's House can offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy an interesting gastronomic experience plus beautiful views of La Orotava Valley. If you want to celebrate an important event or are in Tenerife for the festivals, or even only passing by, from Tenerife Travel Secrets we strongly recommend you to visit the house and have a pleasant moment with your family or friends.