...a Paradise of Souvenirs for Visitors

Casa del Turista is in front of the well-known Casa de los Balcones in the town of La Orotava. The facade of this historic house is not as monumental as it is the one of its neighbor, but quite interesting for the visitors and curious. Its Plateresque stonework front is particularly striking.


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It was originally a convent until the mid-19th century, when it housed a place to care and display fight cocks, in what was considered art. After that the house was taken over by Mr. Schönfeldt and Mr. Machado to become a place where the tourists can purchase souvenirs typical from the island.


This house has two floors, although only the ground floor is open for visitors. On the left side of the entrance is located the painting studio of Mohamed Osman, a painter of Egyptian origin and Canarian soul. In his paintings he has captured the light and beauty of the Canarian architecture. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire one of his beautiful work samples or his precious painting sheets at prices totally accessible to anyone.


Getting into the house, on the left side, you will enjoy an indoor area, where carpet of sand are created, with different motifs – floral, geometric and of religious evocation. The plus at the house is that the carpet of sand is on permanent display.


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These sand carpets you can also observe during the festivities of La Orotava, at Plaza del Ayuntamiento (City Hall square). They are made on the occasion of the Eighth of Corpus in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. There, you will certainly not lose any detail of the perspective, shadows, polychrome ... all in the 950 square meters of the Ayuntamiento.

In the area of ​​the terrace there is also a mud artisan displaying his work translated into beautiful pots, vases, plates, ... you can see the warmth that conveys in his works like when you look at his genuine smile.


In its different areas you will find a wide selection of tourist items and souvenirs such as shirts, aloe vera products , ceramics samples, etc.


La Casa del Turista - Getting There

The house is located close to Casa Lercaro and just in front of Casa de Los Balcones, in the heart of La Orotava, in Calle San Francisco:

La Casa del Turista - Calle San Francisco 4. 38300 - La Orotava, Tenerife

Final Comments from the Authors

It is extremely interesting to visit Casa del Turista, since in those few square meters you can find everything you need to take good memories from Tenerife, and above all, there you will enjoy authentic and traditional art techniques: crafts in clay; an example of the carpet of sand from Las Canadas del Teide, which is done for the festivities; the atelier of a great Egyptian artist; traditional dresses of La Orotava for purchase,... Do not miss this unique opportunity to visit this place.