One of the Best Carnivals in the World...

During the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival - filled with Caribbean, Brazilian and Latin rythms - visitors and locals, kids and adults, discharge all their energy during the non-stop hours of the famous parties of one of the world’s best carnival parties.

The location is certainly one of the reasons why Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife is so famous. The city benefit from the nice weather and sunny days during most of the year, and the number of attractions, beaches and around-nature activities in and around the city is enormous.


The cherry on top is the high quality restaurants offering international and local dishes of this delicious culinary.


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The Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is considered to be one of the best in the world, second only to Rio de Janeiro, from where it has taken much influence on the costumes and rhythms, like samba.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival - Recognition and History

Some distinctions certify its greatness, such as the recognition in the Guiness Book due to the largest open place for people dancing – around 200 thousand people dancing in the same place during the gigs of the singer Celia Cruz and the band Billo’s Caracas Boys. This record was recognized in 1987.

Also, since the 80’s, the Carnival in Santa Cruz is declared as “Fiesta de Interés Turístico Internacional” (Festivities of International Tourist Interest), due to its purposes, combining music, costumes, in and outdoor, for several days in long hours without any prejudice of race or religion.


The Carnival in Santa Cruz or the parties initiating it have a long and interesting history. It has hundreds of years, and the roots come from the period of the conquest of the Canaries by Spain, but the first historical records come from the 18th century.


The festivities were so important in the Canaries, that even during the dictatorship of Franco, when the festivities were banned from Spain, the island kind of defied its authority and continue hosting the parties after some years, with a different name and few other disguises though – Fiestas de Invierno (Winter Holiday) it was called – let alone the fact that the tradition survived the Civil War, starvation and the epidemics throughout that period.


And to continue this long tradition, every year, the locals prepare the crafts and costumes for the thousands of people that parade and dance those beautiful rhythms. The festivities are responsible to bring to the island millions of EUR from the visitors each and every year.


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La Reina del Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Queen of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival) has a special role, not only for the city of Santa Cruz during the festivities, but also for the whole island. She will be representing Tenerife abroad in order to promote tourism and show a little bit of the local culture to other nations.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival and Its Parties

The long period of the Carnival in Santa Cruz, detailed in a specific page of our special section, can be resumed by the election of the rhythmic Groups, such as the Comparsas, few days before the actual parades, and the election of la Reina del Carnaval (Queen of the Carnival), on Wednesday of the first week of festivities.

Then from Friday onwards, the parade groups present their lyrics and costumes to the people, until Tuesday when the parade called El Coso announces the beginning of the end of the parades.


Ash Wednesday marks “El Entierro de la Sardinia” (Burial of the Sardine) – represented by the funeral of the symbol of the Carnival, a Sardine, in a huge cardboard model. The Sardine is then set on fire and “mourned” by the population.

Finally, over the weekend, there are a number of presentations, parties and parades celebrating the “Piñata Chica”.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife is Not Only Carnival - but Plan Well Your Trip

Being Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the Canary Islands, and receiving many tourists, not only during Carnival, but also throughout the year, the infrastructure is really good to ensure that visitors leave the island wanting to come back soon again.

The city itself has quite few attractions – especially monuments, parks, and one of the most famous beaches of the islands – Las Teresitas, with sand brought from the Sahara desert. Also, the connections with other villages from the north and south of the island are really good, so you will surely not run out of options while on the island.


So, in the end you can enjoy Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival and the many other attractions of the island.


See our special sections for Attractions and Activities in Tenerife

Accommodation is also not an issue, with several hotels and other accommodation options available all year long. But we warn you to reserve your place as soon as possible to avoid higher prices due to the demand or fewer options in Santa Cruz, meaning that you would need to overnight in other villages nearby.

Same way as the accommodation, hurry up with the flights to come to the island during this festivity season. Prices increase also by the minute, however with two airports, you’ve have more options to reach Tenerife.


In any case, when you come to Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival, you should have one thing and one thing only on your mind: enjoy your time and forget the daily professional issues. After all, this is the place and time to forget all troubles, and to fell in love with this beautiful island in the Canary Islands.