Cheap Car Hire in Tenerife
...and Tips for When Reserving your Car

There are quite few options for saving with car hire in Tenerife, so it will definitely not be difficult for you to find a good rental here. But of course that the most reliable ones are located in both airports (Los Rodeos in the north and Reina Sofia in the south), and are companies known globally, which increases the possibility to rent a safe and well cared car. To name a few there are Avis, Herts, Europcar, Goldcar and others.

Anticipate your holidays and find cheap car rental in Tenerife

Compare now the prices of the best cheap car rental Tenerife companies and make your booking. Autoeurope will help you finding good offers and search for discounted quotes. 

In general, those companies are every now and then promoting new offers, especially during weekends.

Of course that it does not mean that the local companies are not good. Quite the opposite. With the increase in the flow of tourists through the years, the local companies improved the quality of services and cars for rental, in order to offer a good competition in the market.

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Avoiding that a Car Hire in Tenerife Becomes Expensive

Considering that now you are aware that you won’t have problems to find cheap car hire in Tenerife and in the other Canary Islands, you should start defining what equipment and size you need to match with your possible budget. Of course that the smallest standard car will be cheaper, but sometimes they don’t provide what you need in terms of equipment for your holidays. So below we give you with a simple checklist with the minimum things to check before and after the booking:

When to book?

Always in advance for sure. The sooner the better, to get a good offer. But even before booking, search for different companies, and look for discounts;

Manual Gear or Automatic?

Not only in the Canary Islands, but in Europe, the standard is to rent manual cars. But if you prefer an automatic one, then you should request upfront (or look the options of cars in the websites). Considering that they are the standard option, the manual-geared cars will be cheaper;

Air Conditioning

If you are in Tenerife or in the Canaries during summer, it’s recommended always to have air conditioning in the car, even more if you are going to the south of the island, where it is sunny almost every day of the year. Most likely, even for the economy cars, you will have this option already on the price, but it’s worth to check in the conditions;

Age and Additional Driver

In Europe, it's common procedure to allow only one driver. That means that if someone else will also be driving, you should inform the rental company so they can include in the contract and charge you for that. Do so in advance, in order to avoid abusive charges over the counter. Depending on the age of the driver, you might incur in surcharges (higher risk for the insurance companies for drivers under 25). In general, only over 21 can drive;

Type of the Car

Several classes, including small, eco, economy, family, luxury, and few more, depending on the company. The prices increase with the classes, being the small (such as Toyota IQ, fitting only 2-3 passengers) the cheapest ones;


The global companies always have good offers, but they also can limit your mileage per day. Companies offering unlimited mileage will charge you more for sure. So, take this into consideration when planning your trip. Remember… you are on an island and if you drive more than the limit, then you will pay extra charges/km (not very friendly charges, by the way...). Will you drive a lot (like going from the north to the south) or simply drive in the cities nearby? How many kilometers you think you are driving in general (use Google Maps to calculate the distances to have an idea)? If the limited mileage per day is sufficient, it is not worth going for the unlimited (more expensive) one;

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Extra Equipment and Options

There are some options you can add upon reservation of your car hire in Tenerife, like GPS (navigation system), chair for kids or babies, insurance with full cover, and more. Although you can add those upon reservation, most of the extra options will be paid over the counter and not online. Note that the extras sometimes will double the price, and your cheap car hire Tenerife won’t be so cheap anymore;

General Conditions

Ensure the price comprises everything you need and not a cent more. Sometimes you think that you included everything you needed, and then you get a surprise when you realize that something is missing, or that there’s an extra charge not mentioned at the counter. Have a look at the general conditions also, to see if something is weird (we don’t expect, though, that you read the whole contract and its conditions…);

Conditions of the Car

Always best to have a thorough look at the car before leaving the car rental parking of the company, search for scratches, small and big damages, how full the tank is, what kind of fuel, if it’s cleaned, etc. You might be charged for any problem with the car once returned, even if it was not your fault – but simply because nobody noticed upon presentation of the car to you. Ask also for the manual and assistance number of the company;

Returning the Vehicle

Cheap car hire Tenerife companies, as elsewhere, will always inform you the date and time to return the car. Don’t miss that. If you are an hour late, ensure you call the company so they don´t charge you for that (although in most of the companies, there’s a flexibility of one hour after the set time). Also, check the paper with the inspection of the car given to you when you collected the vehicle – and point out any problems that were not your fault, so the inspector can check if the damage was there before or not.

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More Discounts for a Cheap Car Hire in Tenerife

Unless you have coupons or voucher codes, it will be very difficult to get more discounts than what’s on the websites. It’s possible of course, but mostly with the local companies. In that case, a face-to-face negotiation might get you to a cheaper final price. Otherwise, you can subscribe to the newsletters of the global companies, and hope that they send you voucher codes for discounts or inform you when a flash offer is online - the latter is not uncommon.

Also, if you are booking a full package (including hotel), check with your travel agent if they are able to book a cheap car hire in Tenerife themselves, or refer you to car rental companies. And if you are booking your online package by yourself, try to include the car. Some airlines (low cost mostly) also give you the option to rent a car when booking the flights. That might get you few Euros less…

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Comparing Prices

You can make online quotations for a cheap car hire in Tenerife using companies such as AutoEurope Spain, that collect the information directly with the rental car companies and show you all the offers available. The car rental located at the airports are the following:

North Airport (Los Rodeos) – Auto Reisen, Avis, Cicar, Europcar and Hertz;

South Airport (Reina Sofia) – Auto Reisen, Avis, Cicar, Europcar, Goldcar and Hertz

For the local companies, you might need to call them or drop by. There’s always the chance for some flexibility in terms of mileage and prices, as you are negotiating directly.

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If you consider all above for a car hire in Tenerife, and still think it’s not a good idea to rent one, don't be worried. Transport system on the island is good, and you can opt also for eco-tourism with a bicycle or walk (if you are not going for long distances). Think about it…

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