...a day of fun with these gracious animals

How many means of transport have you used in your life? Car, bicycle, train, plane ... Have you ever ridden a camel? You should take advantage of the rare opportunity to ride one of these magnificent and peaceful animals in Europe. 

Camel Park Tenerife was the first camel breeding centre on the island of Tenerife. It opened in 1988 and has since expanded the number of farm animals housed there. Now they have sheep, goats, roosters, chickens, rabbits, donkeys, and obviously camels.

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As mentioned above, Camel Park Tenerife was the first centre of baby camels on the island. It is currently the only place in the south that offers camel rides.


Ticket prices and opening hours

Prices might vary according to the duration of the ride. You can also include Canary Island snacks or a meal or just visit the farm. The opening hours of the park are 10am to 5pm all year long.


Facilities and animals at Camel Park Tenerife

When we entered the area where Camel Park Tenerife is located it seemed that we had changed our vacation destination ... It was in an arid area, with not a single person around. Stone buildings and a white gate welcomed us for some fun and peace. We parked the car and walked towards the main house. A nice host kindly told us that we could move to the chill-out area under a pergola to take shade from the sun. They hold all kinds of events there once in a while. We could already see some customers waiting for their turn to ride a Camel.


With a small child – like in our case – you can hardly think of relaxing. We therefore followed his lead and went to the area where all animals were. We can guarantee that the park is indeed an unique experience, especially for children. The camel ride is not the only interesting thing, but also the contact with young animals in the farm. Our son (who was almost three when we visited Camel Park Tenerife) spent his best day of the holiday there ... He fed the goats and sheep, he grabbed the hose to water the trees, he had fun with one of the donkeys, he ran behind the chickens, he caressed and kissed a small chick, he stroked the head of a camel, and he even tried to get into the hen coop ... The best day of his holiday indeed!


...and then the ride begins

Samantha (the owner of the park) invited us to experience one of the oldest means of transport on the planet.


Dani, a charismatic guide at Camel Park Tenerife with over 15 years' experience, helped Fábio and Noah onto the camel. There's a stage area to climb onto the back of the camel, so it's safe and simple, even for children. He delighted us during the tour with his stories, his knowledge of the place and his pets in the park.


In the vast area occupied by Camel Park Tenerife, there's a protected area with lots of native vegetation. That's where you can take the ride with the camel. The fact that camels roam over this land helps to conserve the area.


Contrary to what we thought, camels cannot eat anything they find on the way, including the vegetation. At one point the camel stopped to eat some leaves from a tree. Dani told us that the leaves of that tree are like a treat for the camels – like sweets for children. So once he “convinced” the camel to stop eating the leaves, we continued with the walk. Eating anything other than their nutritious diet can seriously affect their health, so at Camel Park Tenerife they're very strict.


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The camels are so well treated that they can exceed the estimated average life of about 20 years, to live to almost 40.


Dani explained that camels almost came to disappear from the typical image of the islands, to be replaced by mechanical means of transport. In the past, camels were an important means of transportation and work in the fields and, thanks to tourism, they can still be seen in Tenerife.


It was a very nice walk that ended in the area where the camels normally rest. It is certainly a unique activity for both children and adults.


Other facilities and events at Camel Park Tenerife

In addition, at Camel Park Tenerife you can learn about the operations of the park from within. They have special prices for schools, so children can experience what the life of the animals on the farm is like, and learn a different lifestyle from the one they are familiar with in the city.


Another advantage is that you can hold different types of events at the park. There they have celebrated weddings, children's birthday parties (including food, a day at the farm with the animals and a camel ride), etc. On top of that, the park and its animals have repeatedly been part of advertising campaigns.


Pretty soon they will also open a typical cottage (casa rural), which is located opposite the Chill-Out area, to the public. The main house has two areas with separate doors; in one of them you will find the relaxation area with sofa and TV that connects to the kitchen. The other door gives you access to a bright and spacious bedroom with space for two double beds, a television, and other appliances.


Getting there

When coming from the South Airport Reina Sofia you have to come off the motorway at exit 72 towards Chayofa and take Carretera General to the petrol station shortly before reaching La Camella. There is a large car park, where you can leave safely leave your car.

Camel Park - Carretera General S/N. 38627 La Camella - Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Final comments from the authors

We really enjoyed spending the morning at Camel Park Tenerife, and even though it was not in our plans to take our son – because we needed to take pictures and do the interview – this small detail was crucial to explore the potential that this singular, discreet park could offer to families with children curious to play and learn from nature and animals.

We are not sure we will have the chance to see many camels in our lives again, let alone to ride them … Therefore, why miss out on this opportunity to be so close to them, as well as visiting a protected area in the south of Tenerife in a unique way.