Buenavista Golf is one of the best golf courses on the island

Buenavista Golf is an iconic golf course designed by golf legend, Seve Ballesteros. Challenge yourself, and improve your skills

Our first visit to Buenavista Golf was met with high-speed winds: we arrived at the golf course at 12 noon on a day when there was an orange wind warning – which showed no signs of disappearing. The golf course is in Buenavista del Norte, which is one of Tenerife's more affluent areas. It has spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Macizo de Teno, and while there you can breathe in tranquillity in a way that few other civilised places can provide.

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Buenavista Golf was designed and opened in 2003 by golf legend Severiano ‘Seve’ Ballesteros.


Prices and Opening Hours

As is the case with all golf courses on the island, the prices vary according to the time of year. The club house is open all year round, 7:30am-7:00pm during the winter season and 8:00am-8:00pm during the summer season



The climate in the Buenavista del Norte area has an average temperature of at least 20ºC and is greatly affected by trade winds. Rain is limited and irregular, but we recommend that you always have a jacket with you to stay warm and dry.


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One of the advantages of this golf course is that the game can change from one day to the next due to weather. This means it'll feel like you're playing on a completely different course every day.

General information

Located at the highest point of the golf course, the club house has some beautiful panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, Parque Rural del Teno and the entire golf course. It has a modern and avant-garde design, and a small shop in the reception area. There is also a café-restaurant on the first floor that serves delicious traditional tapas. The course has numerous practice areas: there is a slightly sloped driving range in the south; two putting greens near the club house and a chipping area for practising your short game.


The Courses

As we already mentioned, the course was designed by Severiano Ballesteros and has 18 holes (with a par of 72) and is 6,019m long. It is made up of 6 beautiful holes at par 3, 4 and 5 along the coast, where it feels like you're driving the ball towards the ocean, and a lake section for holes 9-18, which are connected by stairs. In some areas you're playing into the wind that blows up from the coast, whereas the vegetation in others serves as a shelter. For this reason, you have to study each hole, and adapt your strategy to gain the advantage.


Hole 5 is a high green protected by bunkers (close to the cliff with banana trees). At hole 6 the wind will blow in your favour, so you should take advantage of that and come in under par, although the green is quite elevated and narrow so it can be difficult to achieve. Hole 7 is considered the most complicated on the course due to the wind blowing against you and its slight incline.


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Another advantage of golf is that, if you play against someone with a handicap of 0 or 5, that player has to give you some bonus shots. Which other sports give you an advantage when you play against a more skilled opponent? None. This advantage can be decisive in beating someone with a lot more experience.

Hole 10 is one of the prettiest on the course. It is long and leads up to the sea. You might have a moment where you hit the ball and you're not sure if it'll land in the sea or on land. In these cases, it generally ends up on dry land ☺ This course is always full of surprises to keep you entertained and on your toes.


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We met up with Vicente Ruiz, the official teacher at Buenavista Golf, who has many years of experience on different courses across the island. He showed us how to use the clubs, as they have different degrees of loft and different names. The type of clubs which are used nowadays are hollow inside in order to maximise the power of the shot.


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According to Vicente, 65% of golf is the short game, and the other 35% is the long game. For that reason, the short game is what determines the outcome. The club is what gives a shot distance, because the movement is always the same, so to achieve a long shot you have to know how to use the clubs to control how many metres you want to cover. In golf, all the control comes from your left hand, so left-handed people have a certain advantage; the right hand just guides the shot.

The right posture can be achieved ‘easily’ by putting your arms in front of you and bending your legs forward a bit. The power is in the wrist. There is a little mark to show you where to correctly place your hands on the club.


Fábio got the right posture straight away and Vicente didn’t have much to correct. He made Fábio hit three practice shots against the tee before giving him a ball, which flew a long way. You have to remember that we are by no means experts on golf ☺ Vicente then told him that correcting the direction in which the ball flies is easy to do if you know how to hit the ball properly. We started by practicing a 20% swing. We hit the tee a number of times before finally practising with a ball (with varying degrees of success) … Fábio was more successful than I was ☺ Later we tried a 40% shot, and finished with a 60% shot. The person who completes the hole in the fewest attempts can be very proud and win. In our case, Fábio was obviously a natural and he undoubtedly won that day.


Tenerife Travel Secret

Vicente Ruiz is without doubt one of the biggest secrets of Buenavista Golf. We were lucky enough to be given a masterclass by him. He was very patient with us given it was our very first attempt at golf and, after a while, we managed to hit the ball nearly 30 and 80 metres ☺

More things to do

There is an archaeological site by the coast that is currently awaiting protected status form the Buenavista del Norte council. The course is also home to small reserves of native Canary Island plant life. Buenavista Golf is ranked 9th in the list of the best golf courses in Spain. Staying at the Hotel Meliá Hacienda del Conde, which can be found just next to the golf course, is very convenient for players. You can relax here in total luxury after an intense day of golf – or simply enjoy some delicious food. It is without doubt the best finishing touch for sporty days.


How to get there

If you're in Santa Cruz or Puerto de la Cruz, your first stop should be Buenavista del Norte. As soon as you arrive at the entrance to the village, turn to the right and then follow the signs for Hotel Meliá Hacienda del Conde. It takes roughly one and a half hours to get to the course from Tenerife South Airport – Reina Sofia.


Comments from the authors

We learned during our class at Buenavista Golf that to play golf you don’t just have to know how to hit the ball. There are rules, behaviours and etiquette that all golfers need to know. It's definitely best to be taught on the course by a professional! Our masterclass was very entertaining. We were able to benefit from all the experience of a living golf legend in Tenerife. He rightly said that the most important thing when playing golf is to have fun and enjoy yourself because, without that, you won't want to come back or experience everything that golf has to offer. We will be heading back to Buenavista Golf soon for another practice class, but this time I will beat Fábio – at least I hope to! ☺ ☺ ☺