Buenavista del Norte and Isla Baja
...Peacefulness Around the Mountains

Buenavista del Norte is a discreet and quiet village of the north of the island of Tenerife, which still retains the spirit in the traditional Canarian food and crafts. Along with Garachico, Los Silos and El Tanque, Buenavista composes the so-called Isla Baja, in which the magnificent scenery and particular geography surrounding this region make any visitor enjoy nature in its purest form.

View of the banana plantation and the Teno mountain range

View of the region of Buenavista del Norte and its banana plantation. In the background the imposing Teno mountain range

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Buenavista del Norte - Accommodation

This small village is still to receive more options of accommodation, but the few available are really well recommended. The options here are made up of rural houses and hotels that integrate perfectly with the surrounding scenery. Besides, there is always the option to stay in another nearby village, such as Santiago del Teide, Puerto Santiago and Garachico . Below Tenerife Travel Secrets list two of them located in Buenavista and one rural house in the nearby Los Silos:

Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf & Spa - 5-star

No question that this is one of the best options, not only in the north coast, but also in the whole island. All about this hotel is top notch, from the service to the decoration. The location itself is a plus - you are surrounded by the sea, the Buenavista Golf and the Teno massif. This hotel is another little secret that this website has to offer.

Albergue de Bolico

This is a hostel, managed by El Cardón NaturExperience, offering comfortable rooms and large facilities surrounded by nature. You will be just next to Parque Rural de Teno, one of the most important Rural Parks in the Canaries.

Alojamientos El Tejado

Rustic-style apartments and studios, offering a kitchen, a dining room, with TV and free Wi-Fi. It has a very nice outdoor swimming pool. Perfect if you want a comfortable and quiet accommodation for an affordable price (from 70 €).

Casa Rural Las Cuevitas

Rural house located in the area of Los Silos and which property has a large area dedicated to the plantation of banana.Beautiful views of the sea and the mountains. The house itself has more than 70 years and has been recently renovated. Perfect place to spend some relaxing days among friends (the house acommodates maximum 6 people, but it has a big balcony for lunch or dinner with more visitors). Minimum stay is 3 days and there are some special prices for Canarian residents and visitors staying more than 1 week.

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Buenavista del Norte - Attractions and Activities

Considering the surroundings, the viewing points of the area of Isla Baja (composed by Los Silos, Garachico, Buenavista del Norte and El Tanque) are a must. There are many breath-taking panoramic views that just show off the beauty of this area, such as in Lomo Molino and La Atalaya. There are also a wide range of activities, mainly in contact with nature:

  • Garachico itself is a village that still retains some roots from its commercial importance from the past, that can be seen in the buildings of the city centre. In the 18th century, this town was the most important port of Tenerife, until the eruption of the volcano Tevejo in 1706, which buried practically everything in the port. On the other hand, the lava flows created El Caletón, a place with natural swimming pools;
  • If you enjoy being around a rural setting, for sure this is the region where you can find the tranquillity expected - in one of the rural houses available for rental. In Los Silos you will be able to find several rural properties with plantation of banana mainly. In the past it was an important place for production and process of sugar cane;
  • The coast of Isla Baja is not the most important in Tenerife, but for sure fulfil the needs for those who fancy bathing in clear waters and around nature. On top of this you could also taste delicious Canarian seafood in one of the restaurants of the area;
  • Just a little bit to the south, and close to the cliffs of Los Gigantes, is Playa de la Arena, with blue flag (excellent conditions for bathing) and of shiny black sand. It is one of the most beautiful of Tenerife and has great views to the island of La Gomera;
  • From this area of Los Gigantes you can also take one maritime excursion and see the colony of whales and dolphins that live in the region; 
  • The picturesque village of Masca, which is reached by a sinuous and windy road of about 5 kilometres. The village is located on the edge of an impressive cliff where many hikers visit and enjoy the small beach located about 2-hour walk from there (of high level of difficulty);
  • But for sure the Teno Rural Park is the must-see place of Isla Baja. This protected area is perfect for nature-lovers. The most visited spot in this natural reserve is Punta del Teno, located in the most northwestern point of Tenerife. Also interesting is to see how the sea is broken into two in this line - the intense north sea and the calm southern sea of Tenerife. The area of Punta del Teno is very windy, so you need to be extra careful when visiting it. The traffic is not recommended as well when it's raining or when the weather conditions are not favourable. The reward is worth though - some amazing views, including the Acantilados de Los Gigantes (cliffs of Los Gigantes);
  • Teno Alto is another spot of Teno that is worth visiting. It is located in the highest point of the park. You have the possibility to reach it by car (till one point below), or hiking to the top (well-recommended). In the same way, the views there are amazing;
  • If coming between April and July, you can enjoy during weekends the music played by artists of the islands in some historical venues of Isla Baja, such as religious buildings, which enable visitors to get to know a bit more about the heritage of the region.

Tenerife Travel Secret

When visiting Buenavista del Norte don't miss the chance to stop by the Restaurant El Palmar. It is very known on the island for the exquisite flavour of the grilled chicken - one of the specialities of the house - as well as many other dishes, such as Argentine chorizo, steaks, cheeses, Canarian desserts. It has a very friendly staff and affordable prices, but try to go there during the week, when you will have more time to taste their dishes. During the weekends the restaurant receives lots of local visitors and tourists, so it is very common to see a big queue outside the place. That's already a good sign that you won't regret stopping for a meal there...

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Buenavista del Norte - Getting There

Buenavista can be reached by car from Icod de Los Vinos by the carretera TF-42. Another option is to take the carretera TF-436 from Santiago del Teide, passing by El Palmar.

The North Airport (Los Rodeos) is located about 60 km from there, whereas the South Airport 75km.

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