Those of us from the Canary Islands simply love a well-seasoned cut of meat, and it is not difficult to find great restaurants and guachinches serving steaks and ribs, and so on. But Brunelli’s Steakhouse goes beyond that and offers their customers some of the nicest cuts available, in a great location, with a varied menu and with amazing views that mean no one wants to leave the place.

We were invited by the Head of Marketing, Ms. Natalya, to visit and review the American-style Brunelli’s Steakhouse.


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Since we were days away from visiting Loro Parque again to update our article, we thought it was an excellent idea to review Brunelli's Steakhouse that belongs to the same group as Loro Parque, Siam Park and Hotel Botanico.


Brunelli's Steakhouse opened its doors in 2016, and in a short period of time was included in many lists of well-regarded restaurants and places offering unique gastronomic experiences in Tenerife. It is located right in front of Loro Parque, and we have to be honest and say that, looking across the street, we thought it was a small place. But although it looks small from the outside, it is a large venue which stretches back all the way to the coast.


We were invited for a time of the day when the restaurant would not be crowded (as it seems it is very difficult to find a good table at weekends), so we had the chance to learn about every inch of the place and to take some pictures without disturbing other visitors, which worked perfectly.

At the entrance of Brunelli's Steakhouse is the Snack Bar, which is ideal for guests who are waiting for their table and just want to chill out with a nice, varied choice of drinks and snacks. Looking around, we could see the “wall of fame” with pictures of the illustrious visitors to the restaurant.


And then came the best part. We were shown to perhaps the best table in the restaurant (at least in our opinion). It was the right-corner table immediately in front of the window.


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The huge glass window at Brunelli’s Steakhouse gave us an outstanding view of the sea – Punta Brava – on one side, and parts of the coastal area of Puerto de la Cruz and the locations west of it. It is the biggest window of its kind in Europe, and it really gives the feeling that you are dining on the terrace.

The best thing was that they opened the window for us and we enjoyed the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks on the coast.

Unique Tenerife Food Experience at Brunelli’s Steakhouse

The menu at Brunelli's Steakhouse is varied and with some of the meat cuts that I love, so although we looked in detail at each and every choice, we also asked the maître d’ and Natalya to give us some suggestions.

For starters, we had the delicious Brunelli’s salad with lettuce, tomatoes, papaya and avocado, which came with two types of dressing. That was great, but perhaps not as great as the chicken croquette, which had recently been added to the menu. We can confirm that this is a dish that should never, ever leave the menu 🙂 We also had nicely prepared homemade chorizo.


And then came the cuts of meat. This was where we couldn’t choose what to have, due to the varied menu with some of the best cuts from different parts of the world.


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The chef, who is Uruguayan (so he knows a thing or two about meat 🙂 ) came to our table with a tray of the best types of meat they offer in-house for us to choose from. The options come from different parts of the world including South America, Europe and Spain, which are considered some of the best places for delicious cuts of meat.

We chose - again with the help of Natalya’s and the maître d’s recommendations - a T-Bone steak (a delicious cut which is part sirloin and part entrecote), and a black angus. We’ll let the pictures speak for us. There was one word for it: “amazing!”


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For at least 28 days, the meat is left to mature in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity so that its aging is progressive. The chamber is located in the restaurant, so visitors can also have a look.

Brunelli's Steakhouse is an upscale restaurant, in a prime location and unique environment. We were expecting absurdly high prices for the main course at least. We can honestly say that we have had dinner in other places of a much lower standard and with higher prices. Of course the menu is not very cheap, but for all the quality offered (food, location and service - the whole experience) our lunch was a true bargain.


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The oven at Brunelli’s Steakhouse, Southbend, is unique. It cooks the meat at a temperature of 800 degrees and needs to be handled by a chef who knows the equipment. There are only two ovens of this type in Spain, and the other one is in Madrid. Then, when the meat comes to the table, you have the option to cook it a bit more on a heated stone, so if you prefer it more well done you can do it at the table.


We enjoyed the meat very much. It was perfectly prepared, and after that we were almost full … Almost! We left some space for dessert. We had a mixed dessert, a kind of house tasting platter. There were small portions of a chocolate brownie with melted chocolate, Pera al vino Barolo (pear with Barolo wine), cheesecake with rum (that’s their signature dessert, and highly recommended), plátano de canarias frito (fried banana from the Canaries), and ice cream.

To end our food experience we were offered some digestive drinks: Crema de orujo gallego, Baileys and limoncello.


Getting to Brunelli's Steakhouse

Brunelli's Steakhouse is located in a prime location in the famous northern town of Puerto de La Cruz and just in front of one of the best zoos in the world, Loro Parque, which is part of the same group that runs Brunelli’s.

That gives park visitors the upper hand, as they can choose to spend a very pleasant day at Loro Parque and then at the end of the day simply cross the street and enjoy the food and views at Brunelli’s.


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If you have reserved a table at Brunelli’s Steakhouse you can also reserve a parking space inside Loro Parque. Just call the restaurant and inform them that you are coming by car, so they can save a space for you.

Brunelli’s Steakhouse – Calle Bencomo, 42

Final comments from the authors about Brunelli's Steakhouse

As mentioned above, Tenerife is well known for a wide diversity of restaurants with different kinds of cuisines, including for visitors and locals who love a nice steak. We are in that category (in fact we love all kinds of cuisine 🙂 . And when it came to steaks and other kinds of prime cuts, Brunelli's Steakhouse was able to offer us a unique Tenerife Food Experience.

We loved every minute of the time we spent there. To start with, we were assigned to a table right in front of the window, with formidable views of the angry Punta Brava coast.


The service was outstanding, but when we looked around we noticed that the other guests were receiving the same high standard of treatment, and that reassured us that this was how they usually treat guests.

The restaurant’s atmosphere and decoration also make a difference. But in the end, the quality-cost ratio absolutely confirms our positive review and our whole-hearted recommendation. We loved Brunelli's Steakhouse and we’ll come back for sure.