Aqualand Tenerife in Costa Adeje is the only water and dolphin park in the Canary Islands.

Having visited Jungle Park in the morning and seen its animals and shows, we headed quickly over to Aqualand Tenerife. It was mid-February and unbearably hot, so we were desperate to cool off on the park's many water slides.


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The park has been developed and refurbished over a number of years. It now no longer lives in the shadow of the renowned Octopus – which was the previous name of the water park.

I have a lot of good memories of the time I've spent at the park with my friends, husband, son and his friends. This park is the ideal place to go with your family. Young children will be spoiled for choice with all the attractions and pools the park has to offer.


Entry Prices and Opening hours at Aqualand Tenerife

The ticket price for an adult more expensive than for children aged 5-10 and seniors over 65. Children aged 3-4 pay too. Children under the age of three get in for free. You can get a discount by buying your tickets online, and there are season passes and family packages. Another option is the Twin Ticket, if you decide to visit both Aqualand Tenerife and Jungle Park. Residents of the Canary Islands also benefit from even more discounts.


Aqualand Tenerife is open 10am-5pm all year round – and is open until 6pm in July and August. The rides close 30 minutes before the park is due to close. The famous and one-of-a-kind Dolphin Show starts at 3:30pm daily, and there's another show at 12:45pm in July and August.

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Please bear in mind that certain water rides and slides in Aqualand Tenerife have height restrictions. This is also the case at other water parks and theme parks in the Canary Islands.


Attractions and things to do at Aqualand Tenerife

We've prepared this article for you as an online tour of one of the best water parks in Europe. We're certain that, after reading this article, you'll definitely want to visit one of the best places in Tenerife: Aqualand.

Attractions suitable for infants

If travelling with infants, you'll need to know what's suitable for your young ones and fun for the whole family. The Dolphinarium is a great example, due to the bright colours and the acrobatic displays by the dolphins. For an additional cost, you can also take a photo with the dolphins at the end of the show. You can also get to the Wave Pools via the Dolphinarium. Additionally, there is the 500m-long Lava River which lets you cruise around the park in a rubber ring. In the Vulcano Spa & Jacuzzi, your baby or toddler will have the time of their life in the heated pool (25°C). Last but not least, Dragon Land is ideal for your little ones to have fun in a secure environment.


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We were surprised that there's only one Dolphin Show every day. However, it goes to show the amount of care and respect that the Aspro Group has for their dolphins. We also found out that 15 bottlenose dolphins have been born at the park since the Dolphinarium opened. This is great news and is further proof of how comfortable and well cared for the dolphins are.

Attractions for children under 1.10 metres tall (more or less 5 years old)
If, like us, you come to Aqualand Tenerife with small and energetic children, then you're in luck: although they won't be able to go on the larger toboggan rides, the park has a large area dedicated to its younger visitors. There are specially adapted toboggan rides, like Forest Land, Water's Castle and Crazy Race Junior, – where they'll have tons of fun. If they're old enough, then they can go down the 5 different slides in Family Adventureland.
Attractions for teenagers and adults (>1.25m)
Water parks always have huge rides, and Aqualand Tenerife is no different. Rapids, Flying Boats and Kamikaze are the perfect rides for an adrenaline-filled experience. Alternatively, Tornado provides endless fun thanks to the different speeds and strengths of the water and waves. Lastly, you could also compete against each other, and race down the Twister Racer or Multisurf slides.

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The best thing about this park is that most of the rides are suitable for all ages and heights – which isn't always the case at other water parks. You're therefore guaranteed to have the time of your life during your stay at Aqualand Tenerife.


Restaurants and bars

Don't worry about bringing your own food to Aqualand Tenerife: the park has a restaurant, a self-service buffet, four fast food kiosks, two snack bars and an ice cream parlour – all offering a wide variety of delicious meals and snacks.


Other facilities

There's a free Wi-Fi zone at Snack Bar Delfin. You can also take a picture with the park's mascot at the entrance, see the solarium and garden and have fun in the children's area. There is also a small area with free parking next to the park.


How to get there

Aqualand Tenerife is on Avenida de Austria in Costa Adeje. Be careful though, as it's quite easy to miss! If you're travelling from Los Cristianos, Aqualand is on the left-hand side – with a public car park just 200 meters further down the road. A free daily bus service operates from Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos. You'll have to book your journey in advance to get to the park from other towns on the island though.


Final Comments from the authors to Aqualand Costa Adeje

We've been to Aqualand Costa Adeje twice now: the first visit was quite brief, as we stayed in Jungle Park for most of the day (we learned that it's best to visit each park on different days to make the most of your time there); the second time we went, we went with our entire family (my partner and myself, our 4-year-old, grandma and grandad and our cousin). It was a brilliant day out for everyone - our son in particular enjoyed himself like there was no tomorrow!


I can't help but think back to when I was a teenager, when my friends and I would throw ourselves down the slides at the old Octopus park; the 'Violento', which was slower than expected, that I went on with my friend Miriam – even though I was more scared than excited; some lifeguard coming to our rescue with a float, and many more stories... We believe that your day at Aqualand Tenerife Water Park will be unforgettable – even for young children. Good slides, Tenerife, warm weather and water – what could go wrong with that?