Aqualand Tenerife
...a waterpark with one of the best dolphin shows anywhere

Aqualand Tenerife, in Costa Adeje, is the only water and dolphin park in the Canaries. Only that should be enough reason to receive as many visitors as they do nowadays, number which continuously increase through the years.

Having visited the Jungle Park facilities in the morning and enjoyed its animals and shows, we headed quickly to Aqualand. It was the middle of February and unbearably hot which made us want to go down one of the many slides available in the park with the sole purpose of freshening up.

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The park has been under continuous refurbishment for years. It is no longer the mere shadow of the well-known and loved Octopus, the former name of the waterpark… now there are so many differences… I found I was forced to create new memories with my friends, my husband, my son, his friends, the family … because this is an ideal park to visit as a family, with small children who won’t find it hard to enjoy the excitement of the attractions or simply entertain themselves with a bit of imagination and lots of refreshing water.

Prices and purchasing tickets

The adult price (December 2015), for aged over 11, is €25, children aged 5-10 and seniors over 65 pay €17.50, and children aged 3-4 pay €8. Under 3 go free. 

Purchasing your discounted Aqualand ticket

If a family of two adults and two children go to Aqualand the price is €71 instead of €85, and a group of 4 adults would pay €84 instead of €100. You can also have enormous savings by buying a two-day ticket or paying for your next visit to this Aqualand Tenerife at the same time. For instance, a 2-day ticket for an adult costs €32 instead of €50.

If you are thinking of visiting Aqualand and Jungle Park you will save if you buy the two tickets together, which works out at €36 for an adult (instead of €50), €26 for 5 to 10 year olds (instead of €35) and €12 for 3 to 4 year olds (instead of €16).

Finally, the season pass (one year) for both parks costs €85 (aged 11+), €65 (aged 5-10) and €35 (aged 3-4).

Canary Islands residents have even further discounts at Aqualand Tenerife.

Opening hours

Aqualand Tenerife waterpark is open all year from 10AM to 5PM (6pm in July and August). The water rides close 30 minutes before the park shuts.

Bear in mind that like other water parks and theme parks in the Canaries and elsewhere, Aqualand Tenerife has some water rides and slides with height restrictions.

The famous Dolphin show, one of the best of its kind in the world, is performed daily at 3:30PM (also at 12:45Am in July and August).

Attractions and things to do at Aqualand Tenerife

Get ready to enjoy an online tour at one of the best waterparks in  Tenerife and in Europe. Certainly after this article you will not miss one of the best things to do in Tenerife – the Aqualand Tenerife


The time had come to watch the dolphin show which only takes place in the dolphin pool in the park at 3:30pm (except in July and August when there is also a show at 12:45pm).

We positioned ourselves high up in the stands, which meant we had a good view of the activities which the dolphins and trainers were doing for more than twenty minutes.

Incredible jumps and manoeuvres in the water on the part of the extremely acrobatic dolphins. To see the trainer fly at some points (thanks to the timely impulses of some of the dolphins) was really impressive.

On top of that you can even enjoy the Dolphin Museum or perhaps have an encounter with the dolphins, which would be an unique experience for sure. (the latter is not included in the price of the ticket)

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It surprised us to see that there is only one show per day, which made us realise the huge care and respect which the Aspro group has for the playful dolphins. We also knew that, in the years the dolphinarium has been operating, fifteen baby Tursiops Truncatus dolphins have been born, which is always great news and proves how well adapted they are to their home.

Rides Which Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Multisurf – It’s 100 metres long, 16 metres high and has 6 lanes to slide down on blue mats.

Flying Boats – its two slides 272 metres in length will make you want to go round and round at four heights with drops at different levels.

Kamikaze – two very steep slides (one half covered and the other completely open) to achieve a high speed which guarantees fun.

Super Slaloms – three different coloured slides with different gradients and shapes so that each one gives you a completely new experience.

Tornado – We feel tiny on this ride where there are different rhythms which combine with the weight of our bodies, the water and the centrifugal force, falling at the end into a swimming pool.

Twister Racer – 80 metres long, 14 metres high and 4 lanes to race at speed against your friends.


Crazy Race Junior – It is a castle with three slides where children can really have fun.

Forest Land – In this forest the trees have slides for branches … a child’s fantasy world.

Dragon Land – It is the perfect place for smaller children to have fun in a completely safe environment.

Family Fun

Family and Child wave pool – Now you don’t need to go to the beach to be able to ‘surf’ the waves. In this pool you’ll feel like the king of the beach.

Family Adventureland – You can use the floats or mats provided to throw yourself down these 5 different slides.

Rapids – A quick chute that you’ll slide down at different speeds. Perfect ride to enjoy as a family.

Water’s Castle – On this ride the children become the main protagonists with lots of watery surprises and total safety.

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This park has the advantage that those people who decide to go around with their children or nieces and nephews will be able to enjoy it just as much as the youngest because many of the rides are suitable for almost all ages and heights, something which doesn’t happen in all water parks. Therefore it’s almost 100% guaranteed that all visitors will have the time of their life.

Chill Out and Play

Vulcano Spa & Jacuzzi – Did someone say cold? Throughout the year this pool is heated to 25°C with 28 sunbeds and 6 hydro massage showers to delight anyone who decides to spend a relaxing moment here.

Lava River – on a float you’ll be able to bob along for 500 metres and recover your energy to continue making the most of the park.

Restaurants and bars

Aqualand Tenerife – Costa Adeje offers the visitors one restaurant, one self-service buffet, four kiosks serving fast-food, two snack bars and an ice cream place.

That means that when you decide to spend the day at the park you should not be concerned about bringing food. You will have a great variety of delicious dishes and snacks inside the park.

Other services at Aqualand Tenerife

At the snack bar Delfin there’s a free wi-fi zone, so for you to be connected online. Apart from that you can take a picture with the mascot of the park at the exit, enjoy the solarium, garden and a children’s space.

Finally, there’s a small free car parking next to the park.

Purchasing your discounted Aqualand tickets

Getting there

Aqualand Tenerife is located at Avenida de Austria, in Costa Adeje.

You have to be careful, because you can pass it easily (at least that happened to us). Coming from Los Cristianos, Aqualand waterpark is located on the left and you can park without a problem in a public car park some two hundred metres beyond it.

There is a free bus from Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos every day. From other places on the island you have to book in advance.

Aqualand Tenerife - Avenida de Austria, 15. 38660 Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Final comments from the authors

I think back on my adolescence and the many memories I have with my best friends throwing ourselves down the slides at the old Octopus :) … going on the "Violento" which was nothing more than the "Río Lento" (Slow River), which I headed towards with more fear than excitement with my friend Miriam :) :) … some friendly lifeguard or another coming to find a float for us, … and a thousand other anecdotes. We believe with total certainty that it will be an unforgettable day at Aqualand Tenerife Waterpark, in Costa Adeje, and if you go with young children you won’t have to put up with the frustration of telling them that they can’t go on many of the rides … in fact the opposite … Slides, good temperatures and water … How can you go wrong with that?

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