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When you go to Tenerife you might normally think of sun, sand and relaxation. Aqua Club Termal is the perfect choice to enjoy the water and relax. The place is open from 8:00 am (gym area) till 22:00 hrs (weekends from 9:00 am).

Upon entering, to the right, you will see a fish tank where you can immerse your feet to have an innovative treatment whereby small fish clean of your skin. 

You'll also find all kinds of products from Sothys Paris for skin care and beauty in general.

At the reception a group of receptionists can provide you with all the necessary information to enjoy a few hours of relaxation or exercise. 

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You might also want to undertake an initial test to scan your physical condition and the appropriate activities for the day. In the same way you can fill in, when leaving, a satisfaction questionnaire, because as we all know, you can only improve if feedback is received from customers.

In its more than 6,000 square metres you will find all sorts of activities and treatments aiming to relax your body. With over eleven years in operation, the prestige of its activities and thermal circuits is more than guaranteed.

The Aqua Club Termal philosophy is clear: "Health through water. Relaxation through water. Healing through treatment". Almost all activities carried out there revolve around these three guidelines.

In addition, the professionals responsible for taking care of you at Aqua Club Termal are all fully qualified, which is always extra assurance of good service.

Gym, Water Activities and Paddle to Activate Your Body

In the right-hand side of the building there is a very large (800 sq mts) and well-equipped gym where you can do your workout routines using the Technogym equipment. They also have a room full of Keiser bikes, where you can do spin.

Upstairs you can access the aerobics room, where you will have classes of Zumba, Step, Pilates, ... If you have special needs due to injury or lack of time, please check prices for the assistance of a personal trainer.

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For those who have medical problems, water is a perfect source of recovery and excellent for all kinds of treatments and physical rehab. Aqua Club Termal therefore provides physiotherapy in and out of the water. It is also possible to take medical treatments covered by your health insurance.

Some of the activities performed in the warm pool are the Aquagym, the Aquairis, directed solely at pregnant women, Aquababy, to enjoy the water with your baby, and exercises on aquatic bikes. You can also request Aquaharmony, a new therapeutic technique that combines floating, breathing, massage and exercise in the water. Being in the warm water, your body can relax more, thus the fluids come into motion, facilitating and enhancing the massage, stretching and mobility of the different body parts.

In the indoor area you will find 3 paddle courts with artificial turf. With artificial lighting, if necessary you can play until 22:30 hrs. There are certified teachers that can give you individual classes or in a group, as well as for kids.

Thermal Circuit Area and Sauna at the Aqua Club Termal

The thermal circuit area is about 1,000 square metres. When entering the pool there is a monitor that will explain to you how to perform the circuit, which can be done in about two and a half hours. Just don’t forget to take a shower before entering the pool to ensure the pool is always clean.

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For those who do not like or don’t feel comfortable wearing a cap, don’t worry. The Aqua Club Termal does not require it to enter the pools.

The large pool is kept at 34°C and the two Jacuzzis at 38°C. The central and main pool has a total of 375 jets with a counterflow river, jet area to activate the circulation of your body and a relaxation zone (with sleeping area).

From there you can access the Turkish bath (45°C), temple of showers, Roman bath (50°C), the flotarium (pool of concentrated salt water at 38°C), the footbath (highly recommended for pregnant women), mineral dew, the Finnish sauna (90°C) and the pool where the aquagym and aquatic bike exercises are performed.

Between these two areas, you will find the two whirlpools and the invigorating pool (10°C).

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Being consistent with the idea of ecological respect, only organic chlorine is used in the water with extract of sea salt, which not only benefits the environment, but also does not irritate the eyes, and is good for the hair and skin, giving them a better look. The electricity used to heat the spa is 100% from renewable sources, and the towels are also recyclable.

Enjoy your well-deserved over two hours of spa circuit for €28,89 at the counter (only €26 when booking online). If you are a resident of Tenerife or any other Canary Island you have a lower rate (€23,54 at the counter and €21,19 when booking online). Children under 14 and seniors over 65 also have a discount. If you want a more upscale treatment please ask for the VIP Thermal Circuit with welcome drinks, bathrobe, fruit tray and reserved VIP booths. This is perfect if you want to invite your friends for a relaxing day at the Aqua Club Termal.

Beauty Treatments and Massage Area

There is a total of 11 cabins for massage. There is also an exclusive cabin for aesthetic treatments such as hairdressing, manicure, pedicure with the latest trends, wax, facial, etc. On the other hand, the Aqua Club has several modern devices for tanning, RF facial and body (alternative technology to avoid cosmetic surgery), ultrasound to sculpt buttocks and abdomen, oxygentherapy with essential oils extracted from natural plants, and the Platinum Photon Capsule, where you can eliminate stress, physical tiredness and circulatory problems.

There are individual massage rooms, as well as for couples. In the massage booths and other treatment rooms you can benefit from new techniques such as the use of energetic stones from Oceania, treatments for balancing your chakras, orchid ritual, Canarian Guanche ritual, 4 hands or the ritual of the God Ra, among others. There is a wide variety of massage treatments (relaxation, Swedish, Thai, head massage, facial massage, with bamboo, massage to reduce cellulite, massage for pregnant women, etc), as well as several body treatments (spa peeling, seaweed wrap, to avoid cellulite, Termoslim treatment...).

As you can see, there are many options for all tastes and needs. Check the price list and choose the treatment or massage that best suits your needs. There is nothing better than a body treatment or massage to relax, re-energize and restore the physical and spiritual balance.

You Can Also Save Money with the Offers, Packages and Special Deals Often Offered

Aqua Club Termal is always looking for ways to innovate their products and offer all possible options to suit your tastes, needs and budget. On the other hand you can reserve part of the Spa (or in full, so it will be closed to the general public) to make your party private. There are different programs for hen party or birthday celebrations for instance. Therefore don’t hesitate to contact the Spa to check the possibilities.

As an individual customer you have the option to book a twin-ticket, where you can take advantage of the thermal circuit plus a more active activity in the south of Tenerife, like going on the catamaran Bonadea II to see whales or dolphins, going on an adventure in the trees in the Forestal Park, flying in a helicopter with Helidream Canarias, experiencing the revolutionary Flyboard or investigating the depths of the sea with Bob Diving and their underwater scooters.

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If you want to make the most of the beach or staying on the island for business, Aqua Club Termal remains a perfect option for anyone looking to relax after a busy day. All customers from 20:00 to 22:00 can enjoy the thermal circuit for only €17,65 as it is Happy Hour.

On the other hand there are events that occur often and that are open to the public such as the "Night of Nudism" (from 9PM till 11PM on the first and third Saturday of the month), Valentine's Day, family day on Sundays, special day by nationality, etc.

Throughout the year Aqua Club Termal promotes open days, sporting events, parties and hiking. There are also offers, sweepstakes and free demos that are only communicated by email. It is therefore a good idea to sign up for their newsletters to receive all that info.

The spa is especially popular among foreigners such as Russians, British and Italians, although customers of many other nationalities come to enjoy. The inhabitants of the Canary Islands and especially Tenerife often enjoy the thermal circuits at weekends. You can also build your own class or request special programs for associations and schools in general, with special prices if more than 15 people.

Bookings can be made over the phone, online or directly at the Spa. And if you decide to offer a special present to someone else, you can purchase one of the bonus gifts and ask for it to be posted, along with a message in a card.

Other Facilities at the Aqua Club Termal

There is a large conference room where you can organize corporate or private meetings, and at the reception there is a small coffee bar, where Vogue will serve you top quality food (mainly vegetarian) and refreshing drinks freshly made to give you some energy to perform the circuit and exercises. There is a daily menu (including a vegetarian option) which costs about €8.

We were also informed that in the near future visitors with physical disabilities will have full access to all spa facilities. The improvements are being done as we write this page, although the facilities at the Spa are quite accessible and with a little help from the staff you will have no problem accessing most of the facilities. And last but not least, there’s a free parking area.

Getting there

Aqua Club Termal is located in Torvisca Alto, in one of the most important resorts of Tenerife - Costa Adeje, and easily reachable from TF-1, which is just 500 metres away.

Aqua Club Termal - Calle Galicia, S/N. 38660 Torvisca Alto, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

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Final Comments from the Authors

At Tenerife Travel Secrets we recommend at least one visit to this huge Spa for relaxation, body worship and peace of mind. You can consider it on both rainy and sunny days. Remember that holidays do not make sense if you leave the place just as or more stressed than when you reached it. Aqua Club Termal is a good option to recharge your batteries and feel like new. Depending on the number of days you are staying in Tenerife you can combine the Spa with beach, resorts, nightlife, hiking and several other activities that the island can offer you. So, think of it when writing a list of things to do in Tenerife. We are sure you will have a good time.

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