Antequera Beach in Tenerife with Anaga Experience

... the walk that takes you from the mountain to the beach

I have to say that even being from Tenerife, it was only a few months ago that I heard talk of Antequera beach – and it was a huge opportunity to be able to discover the area with Anaga Experience.

Previously I had only walked the high part of Anaga and the coastal area of Taganana.

Spectacular view of the beach of Antequera near the end of the walk

The Adventure to Antequera Beach Begins...

We met at Las Teresitas beach at 10am, which was somewhat later than the usual start time for the activity (they generally recommend meeting at 9am), but as I had another interview just before, Anaga Experience adapted the excursion to Antequera Beach for Tenerife Travel Secrets. Thanks guys!

Boats in Las Teresitas beach

Tenerife Travel Secret

Anaga Experience adapts very well to the needs of each group, so don’t hesitate to ask about anything which concerns you about the route.

Cao was our guide from Anaga experience to go to Antequera beach

Miguel (a Tenerife native who now lives in Madrid) also came with us as his day was ‘free of activities’ and so he decided to do something different. The two of us were guided through part of the hills of Anaga on a journey of cultural and natural discovery about (to an extent) parallel lives, as Cao - the guide from Anaga Experience - correctly noted.

We went up by car and the first stop was at the Bailadero vantage point, where we could see the town of Taganana near the sea from a great height.

View of Taganana from el Bailadero

Starting the Walk

We started the walk down (which lasted around three hours) in a wooded part of Anaga, only to continue along different trails and areas, some of them cultivated, where you could tell that there had been some human intervention in the landscape.

Anaga forest is daunting even to daylight

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With regard to resources, the Anaga area was always a rich place meaning that its inhabitants were self-sufficient, but as the land belonged to the masters life was often very complicated.

Initial part of the tour to Antequera beach

Cao turned a ‘simple’ journey into a walk through culture in general, as he was showing us some botanical curiosities in the Anaga area, such as the Vejeque Gomereta, what was left of the flower of the coxcomb (cresta de gallo) (which is a native orange-coloured flower which is usually found in abundance along the side of the road), sow thistles (cerrajas) and laburnums (codesos) which give that special yellowy colour to many of Tenerife’s corners, chives (cebollinos), vejeques, verodes, sweet and bitter tabaibas, tuneras which are so old that they almost look like trees … endless plants which make the trip truly special and pretty.

Peak figs and a sweet tabaiba in hte background
One of the most spectacular views of the trip to Antequera

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In the Anaga area there are some 50 native plant species, so walking through it is a privileged opportunity to observe unique flora.

Anaga endemic flowers
Anaga endemic flowers

We also talked about the cultural influence which the conquistadors and visitors from other countries have had on the area, because having been conquered before Gran Canaria, Anaga was almost always the most advanced place on the island. It was therefore one of the first places where merchant relations were formed between the conquerors and the Menceyes (aboriginal kings) when they traded labourers. We also talked about the French language, how children who live in multi-lingual environments have the facility to learn various languages, the Tamil language, and the possible Portuguese influence in the Igueste de San Andrés area, among other things.

The forests of Anaga are biosphere reserve by Unesco

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The book ’20,000 leagues under the sea’ by Jules Verne has its origins in the discovery of a tentacle from a giant squid which was found by a French ship in around 1870 off the coast of Anaga. The tentacle was exhibited in Paris and, upon seeing it, it is thought that Jules Verne took inspiration to create one of the greatest pieces of science fiction literature in history.

Halfway we could see the coastal village of Igueste de San Andrés

Las Casillas and a Rest

As we were almost arriving at Las Casillas, we had the Antequera ravine on our left and the Ijuana ravine on our right. Las Casillas is a rural area in the middle of Anaga with 13 houses (some of which have marvellous views) and some caves. All of the caves (or almost all) were used for keeping provisions (potatoes, wheat, etc.). We went into one of them, and from there it is possible to see Igueste de San Andrés.

one verode decorates the entrance to a cave in Las Casillas
From the Las Casillas you can see the seaside village of Igueste de San Andrés

Halfway through the walk to Antequera Beach we stopped and were chatting calmly for a while. It is marvellous how life sometimes throws three people from the same place together who have such parallel experiences without having known each other before, and through the course of a casual conversation you realise how much you have in common.

Antequera ravine seen from Las Casillas

Tenerife Travel Secret

During this ‘small’ rest, we drank something which Cao had prepared exclusively for us. It was a very refreshing drink with a particular flavour – but that secret you will have to discover for yourselves :)

In Las Casillas we rested and chatted for more than half an hour

The Last Part of the Journey Towards Antequera

We continued on our journey to Antequera beach and came across one of the most beautiful images of the day … Between so many green cliffs and the blue of the sky with spectacular clouds, in the background you can see the silhouette of the Teide. The image as a whole was a delightful view :)

The trip to Antequera beach, in some parts of the trail, offers a spectacular view of El Teide in the distance under the sheltering sky

We continued walking among the flora and fauna of the area, negotiating the uneven ground, hearing more peculiar stories, like the people who hid in the Bujero de la Robada or the story of the pirate Cabeza de Perro (originally from Igueste de San Andrés).

Anaga Experience guides by the Anaga mountains to the beach of Antequera

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It is possible that Anaga Experience have discovered the reason why the Antequera area received that name… but unfortunately we are not going to be able to reveal it. We will leave that anecdote for Cao to tell :)

The views from almost any point along the way are spectacular

Few places on the island lack things to discover and enjoy, but being accompanied throughout the whole journey by animals and birds (like kestrels (cernícalos) and fast horses (aguelillas)), as well as a hunter and shepherd on two occasions, is relatively rare on an island which is so visited by tourists.

Anaga mountains are particularly beautiful

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We did the excursion to Antequera beach on a Thursday in September (mid-week and almost at the end of the summer), so we were privileged to be able to do it alone – apart from a group of hunters and a herd of goats which were eating peacefully on one of the hills in the Antequera ravine.

In the Anaga and Teno areas, migration of cattle was not used. They went to Las Cañadas in the summer to feed the animals.

Goats in the middle of the slope

And We Arrived at Antequera Beach

When we started to see the blue of the sea continuously at the end of the ravine, we could see that particular crag which invites you to relax, knowing that the sea water will soon be available to you for a quick dip (if the conditions are right).

And we could finally see the coast

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You must take water with you, because as the route is through such a wilderness it is necessary to hydrate yourself. I forgot, and for that reason I burned my forehead :( Take sun cream and apply it constantly to the areas which are exposed to the sun.

Antequera beach has spectacularly black, fine sand. It had been such a long time since I’d had the opportunity to go to a beach with waves and it was like a memory straight from my adolescence, avoiding the waves and diving under them so as not to be hit with their force … It was a lot of fun :)

Antequera beach... a haven of peace especially midweek

Coming out of the water, Cao got some food ready for us (which they had brought to the beach by boat, having been prepared by Lucas Gamonal). It was really delicious :) That day we had Andalusian ‘salmorejo’ (creamy tomato soup) which was so tasty and refreshing! With just that we were full up, but there was still some salad and a delicious dessert … We were really left satisfied.

Tasty Andalusian gazpacho by Lucas Gamonal
Lunch and swim at the beach of Antequera ... luxury!

That day the sea was coming from the south and thereby bringing more sand, but it meant that we had to leave the beach early because the boat was not going to be able to dock for much longer with the tide out.

Small pier where the boat pick up its passengers

At the beach there were initially some boys playing football and two other couples, but there was a moment when they all disappeared and Antequera beach was left completely for us - such a luxury!!

Anaga Experience takes you to one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife, in Antequera

I have to say that Antequera beach can only be reached on foot or by boat, so if you like the photos which you’re seeing don’t hesitate to make this trip. The walk led by Anaga Experience is very safe, and while you can always be unlucky and fall (like I did …) it is not necessarily serious or dramatic.

Antequera beach surrounded by green hills of Anaga

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If you want to do the excursion in a particular way bordering the cliffs (setting off from Igueste de San Andrés), we ask you to take care as there have been cases of fatal accidents with people slipping and falling.

Return to Las Teresitas Beach

The return trip to Las Teresitas beach with Nautica Nicaria was very pleasant. In the boat we passed the Zapata ravine and the Las Brujas beach. As the waves were very big we couldn’t go into one of the caves which you can sometimes enter, but the spectacle of the sea was already fascinating enough.

The cliffs clost to Antequera are very colorful

We bordered the small town of Igueste de San Andrés, the Las Gaviotas beach and the whole breakwater of the Las Teresitas beach.

Igueste de San Andrés
Playa de las Gaviotas

Under different circumstances, we could have tried paddle boarding upon our return to Las Teresitas beach. Miguel did it, but as I had to return to La Orotava to be with Noah I had to leave it for another day :)

Water Taxi Nivaria can take you to Antequera beach
The way back in Las Teresitas beach

Comments From the Authors About Antequera Beach

Antequera beach and the area surrounding it is now one of the places which I like most in Tenerife; how could it not be? Imagine walking through such a beautiful setting, not finding a single person along the journey, having that feeling of discovery in every step… Without a doubt Anaga Experience offers a unique experience.

Anaga is declared biosphere reserve by UNESCO
Experience Anaga led us through beautiful and mysterious ways

We are sorry that we haven’t been able to reveal as many secrets in this article about Antequera beach in Tenerife as we normally do, but we think that the extra mystery surrounding certain details will help convince you to try this spectacular and perfect excursion.

The area of Las Casillas has a privileged view
The sky that day was just spectacular
The coast is abrupt and of intense colors

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