… discovering the biosphere’s heritage

Anaga Experience's excursions mainly take place in Anaga National Park, which became a UNESCO biosphere reserve in June 2015.

Anaga Experience is committed to sustainability and nature. The two guides, Cao and Aaron, have different styles and personalities but ensure that their excursions are a real adventure. They combine Tenerife’s unrivalled beauty, masterclasses on wildlife, plant life and history, and the chance to enjoy delicious local delicacies.


As we always advise, it's important to consider whether you're fit enough to make the most of your chosen excursion. You’ll also need some good walking boots, and to bring sun cream and something to eat or drink.

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36% of the Canary Islands is protected land, and 43 of these areas are in Tenerife. It's therefore easy to find somewhere you can connect with nature that is free from pollution.


The activities organised by Anaga Experience

As their name suggests, Anaga Experience runs most of their activities in the Macizo de Anaga National Park. They also regularly offer activities in other parts of the island at the request of their clients. You can book an excursion until 6pm (WET) the day before you want to do it. You’ll then receive confirmation of your booking, which you'll need to bring with you. In this article, we'll focus on the activities that take place in the beautiful natural paradise of Anaga.


Ruta Antequera and return trip by boat: This isn’t the first time I’ve said this, but this excursion was one of the activities I've enjoyed the most since Tenerife Travel Secrets began travelling around the island. First, Playa de Antequera was a real delight. The four-hour walk, Cao’s explanations, the splendid weather, the food, the swim in the sea and the return to Playa de las Teresitas along the cliffs were all spectacular. I wholeheartedly recommend that you book this excursion with Anaga Experience.


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During this trip you'll hear pirate stories and discover connections with other cultures. You'll also learn about the plant life (including verode, aeonium, tabaiba amarga, chives, sow thistles, laburnum, cockscomb and dragon trees). It's quite surprising, given how wild the area is.


Ruta Taborno and Vuelta al Roque: This route takes roughly four hours and is divided into two parts. You start with an educational walk, learning about the laurel forest and Tenerife’s rock formations. Later you head towards Roque de Taborno, where the views are magnificent. This is another Anaga Experience excursion that we totally recommend.

Ruta Chamorga: this excursion takes over four hours. We took our 4-year-old son with us, so we had a short, personalised trip. One of the best things about this excursion is that it's pretty much suitable for everyone. It consists of a 25-minute initial ascent and a walk through the laurel forest. Continuing up some small inclines, you’ll pass two of the most breath-taking viewpoints on the island. Once you get to Chamorga, you’ll be able to sample some of the area’s traditional dishes.
Ruta Benijo – Roque Bermejo: This is a middle-to-high difficulty route and takes over four hours. You’ll get to enjoy some of the finest views of Roques de Anaga and Faro de Anaga. Then there's a trip to Caserío de Chamorga for some fantastic cheese and wine.
Ruta Cruz del Carmen – Chinamada – Punta del Hidalgo: This route takes you from the summit down to the sea and is middle-to-high difficulty. You'll go from from Cruz del Carmen to Punta del Hidalgo, and it takes roughly five hours. This excursion is definitely one of the most breath-taking that Anaga Experience offers.

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To get the most from your outing, combine trekking and the sea by heading to the beach (for the Antequera and Benijos excursions). Or why not try some paddle boarding at Playa de Las Teresitas?

Stand-up paddle boarding lessons for beginners: these lessons take place at Playa de Las Teresitas. We know from personal experience that nobody can resist trying this activity – not even the little ones. 😊


You can try out stand-up paddle boarding under the full moon at Playa de Las Teresitas. Or take part in a 2-hour ‘astrovisit’ through the Teide area with a professional astrophysicist.

Final comments from the authors

Macizo de Anaga is without a doubt a natural paradise. There are many secrets to discover, although some are in areas that are hard to reach. This is why it’s definitely worth taking advantage of the expertise and knowledge of the Anaga Experience guides. They'll show you all the special parts of this UNESCO biosphere reserve, while you enjoy the beautiful landscape. Discover a more peaceful and authentic Tenerife with Anaga Experience.