The most attractive hole in the Canary Islands from another perspective

Amarilla Golf Club was the first golf course to be built in the south of Tenerife with the intention of receiving tourists. In general courses in Tenerife are of a high level. As Eduardo nicely pointed out, there aren’t Ferraris but there are high level courses. In any case, it all generates great diversity and it is principally the golfer that benefits.


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The name Amarilla Golf comes from the Montaña Amarilla which is next to it.

Climate and Origin of Amarilla Golf Club

The area is known for its marvellous weather, which is around 23°C in winter and 28°C in summer. Being close to the sea, the temperature is always improved and sweetened. In the rare case that it rains, don’t be disheartened as it is usually only for a short while. Hire a buggy and if necessary take shelter in it while you enjoy your game … There is always a solution for everything.

Generally all urban projects give the best views to hotels and apartments, leaving the remaining space for the golf course. In the case of Amarilla Golf the designer (Sir Donald Steel, who did the alterations to the St. Andrews course in Scotland – the Mecca of golf) demanded that if he were to do the project the golf course should be moved twice as close to the sea. It was therefore necessary to change the whole project to adapt it to fit the golf course which he was designing.


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The estate where the Amarilla Golf Club course is located was acquired in 1985 and is 2 million metres squared, reaching as far as Las Chafiras.

In 1989 they opened the first holes and since 1990 it has hosted international tournaments. Incidentally it is the only course in the Canaries where they have held international tournaments for the disabled (these were held over 4 or 5 consecutive years).


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Amarilla Golf Club lets disabled people use their special chairs on the green, as well as giving them the most appropriate slots. They usually play in groups of two or three (not four) and although they don’t hit each ball very far, they are consistent which usually makes their games quite quick

Prices and Opening Hours of the Amarilla Golf

From October to after Holy Week is high season, so make the most of it and play in the summer when there aren’t as many people and the prices are more appealing. The green fees are offered by order of reservation, so anyone can get a good slot.

There are various offers if you reserve as a group of more than 12 players. The Twilight offer means you pay for 9 holes after 3pm and play for as long as the light permits. Alternatively if you pay 24 hours in advance you can get a discount.

Equally, you can hire clubs, an electric or manual trolley and a buggy for 9 or 18 holes. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance you will be charged 100%, but only 50% if within 48 hours. The dress code conforms with normal golf rules.


Amarilla Golf Club is open every day of the year from 07:00 to 21:00hrs. First thing in the morning there is always someone waiting so they don’t have to wait while playing their round on the green. It is a pleasure playing with no-one in front of you, and the first hours are the most in demand. Women’s tees (on the long holes) are usually a bit ahead to make the course faster, but on some holes, there isn’t such a difference.


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One of the martials is usually at the end and the other is on the course in the buggy-bar which goes round offering drinks.


Services at Amarilla Golf

Amarilla Golf Club has a large number of additional services besides the golf course. For example there is a practice course which is the only one in Tenerife which hits looking out to the sea. Its location was just as important to the designer as the rest of the course.


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The practice course is found next to hole 1. It has a perfect angle, gives a nice feeling and as it slopes down it feels like the ball flies more.

The clubhouse is important for any course, both for the complex itself and the players as it is where they meet and socialise with a beer. General events (like weddings, birthday celebrations, etc.) are held there and there is a nice swimming pool.

You will also find a bar/café at the final tee, a putting green, a 9 hole Pitch & Putt course, a golf shop, 60 buggies and a car-washing service which you can request while playing at the Pitch & Putt.

Since 1985 there is much more indigenous wildlife and more migratory birds, although it isn’t thought that they are new. They have detected that many species have developed in this area and have not been made extinct, as has happened in other places on the islands, because there are no hunters, greenhouses, poisons, etc.


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The course is totally open, so if you want to walk around it use the trails and watch out for the balls. Many European ornithologists come to the course to observe the birds which can be found there.

The sports port (Marina de San Miguel), which opened in 2007, belongs to the golf course and lets the moorings. There is a submarine which is managed by Submarine Safaris. There is also an equine centre with horses. In the future they will create a small beach (with free access) so that if you don’t play golf you can wait for your friends or partner while enjoying the sea. The marina also has a cafeteria from where you have a panoramic view of the golf course.

General information about Amarilla Golf

Amarilla Golf Club has a course with 18 holes which have been remodeled and improved. They are thinking of building a hotel, expanding the course, changing the location of the clubhouse … renovate or die 🙂


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In the next few years, Amarilla Golf Club anticipates increasing its 18 holes to 27, which will change the feel of the game as it is currently; a new experience for a well-known course and service.

At tournaments a minimum handicap is required, but to play on the course at Amarilla Golf you just have to be federated. The rhythm of the game is the most important thing at the time of playing. The first person to play can complete the course in around 3 hours 45 minutes, but the normal time to complete the course is around 4 and a half hours.

The course has 6 holes next to the sea, one of which is hit over a bay (hole 5, the most famous hole in the Canaries). The tee is on one side of the bay (gentlemen hit over the sea, women from the side) and the green is on the other.


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The Marina de San Miguel is the only European sports port which includes a golf course: holes 11, 12 and 13 are within the sports port.

Hole 3 currently has a more withdrawn, elevated tee, so the hole is 500 metres long. Likewise, hole 10 has had a new tee since September 2015 making it 30 metres longer.


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The tee and the green are where the player spends the most time, and therefore at Amarilla Golf Club they have elevated those spots to offer a more privileged view where the angle is best.

The tee for ladies at hole 4 is further forward and has a spectacular view which it shares with holes 5 and 6. Shots in or near the sea are very attractive. Tee 7 has some indigenous white stone walls which are very pretty.


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The stone which they have used is recycled (bought from sites where it was no longer going to be used and had been dismantled), as it is illegal to remove it from quarries (they are protected).


The Pitch & Putt field with 9 holes was opened in the year 2000 to popularise golf in Tenerife, as you don’t have to be federated to play there. You can learn with a golf teacher from the course and even hire clubs … There are no excuses for not playing golf tomorrow 🙂

As we have said in other articles, the golf courses are irrigated with recycled water. In the case of Amarilla Golf Club, the water deposits are at the highest point and thanks to the relief of the ground the course gets watered by gravity, so energy is not consumed in the process.

Getting there

The south airport is barely 5 minutes from the course. From the airport you should go on the motorway and head towards Los Cristianos. Take exit 24 (Los Abrigos / Las Galletas), cross the bridge and take the exit towards Los Abrigos. Follow the signs for the golf courses in the area and you will arrive at Amarilla Golf Club without any difficulty at all.

Amarilla Golf - Urbanización Amarilla Golf, 38639, Granadilla de Abona.

Final comments from the authors about Amarilla Golf Club

To begin with the feeling was like being reunited with a friend who we hadn’t seen for a long time. The conversation with Eduardo was extremely enjoyable and he gave the impression of having traveled because of some topics and subjects, where we gave our opinions about how things are done in Tenerife 🙂


Amarilla Golf Club, as one of the first golf courses in Tenerife, has been through many phases of development (and some are still happening) to be able to offer a good service. Therefore they think a lot about how the grass is cut, how the ball plays … and on top of that the surroundings are very attractive. They try to give the golfer different experiences while they walk around the course. One of the best things to do in the island.