As I’ve written before, we wanted to go on a trip to see the almond blossom in Tenerife ... Although our first attempt worked, the second time we managed to see the flowers.

As we are staying in La Orotava we had planned to go out on Sunday morning at 10:00, but as is almost always the case our beds were too comfortable and we didn’t leave at the scheduled time.

Getting to Santiago del Teide for the almond blossom in Tenerife

We went via the new road after we passed the Santo Domingo tunnel and by 11:30 we were parking near a small hilltop that is located a few metres from Mount Bilma.


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We adapted the tour to our 4-year-old son and, instead of starting and finishing in the town of Santiago del Teide (climbing Mount Bilma and coming down Las Manchas), we chose a circular route of about 4-5 kilometres to the bottom of the Chinyero volcano.

From there we were already able to see the almond trees, which had timidly begun to bloom.

The five of us started the walk up, keeping Mount Bilma on our right. We passed some terraces with century plants, almond trees and tourists positioning themselves to get a good view of the flowering branches of the trees - just like we did later.


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Obviously one of the main attractions of this excursion is seeing the flowering of the almond trees, which occurs during the end of January and the first weeks of February. But get ready to see plenty of hikers walking around the area at this time of year.


After taking some photos of the almond trees, resting and playing hide and seek with Noah, we reached a track which followed the course of a water culvert leading to a group of pines. Upon arriving there we realised that the mountain that was almost in front of us was the Chinyero, which we had passed by just a few weeks ago with the family.


We continued to walk along that track, with the sea visible on the horizon, to return to where we had left the car. We took a path that would take us around Mount Bilma, and we saw a few more flowering almond trees on the way.


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On a clear day you can see the island of La Gomera right in front of you and La Palma on your right, when you’re facing the sea.


Before arriving at Mount Bilma, we looked back and realised the spectacular landscape that the Teide, Pico Viejo and Chinyero had given us ...


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When the Chinyero volcano erupted (1909), the lava flows formed a pool where they met Mount Bilma. The neighbours tried by human and spiritual means to prevent the lava from reaching their crops and populations. Nowadays a procession is held every year to the station of the cross where we parked.

We carried on walking carefully through the malpaís and a few minutes later we reached the place where we’d started our tour. There we were able to see the last almond blossom that we would find that day.


After the tour to see the almond blossom in Tenerife we took a moment to enjoy Santiago del Teide a bit

As Santiago del Teide was celebrating the second of three weekends of a small fair with handicrafts and gastronomic produce we decided to go to the village before ending our excursion. We took advantage of the fair and ate in the main square, after having bought some rosquetes from Guía de Isora, which I think I hadn’t eaten since I spent the summers at Los Silos when we went to my family’s farm.


This hiking trail is just right and very pleasant for taking a walk with family, friends or small children. It was nice to see exactly what we’d expected on that excursion - obviously the almond trees in bloom with the pine forest below the Chinyero and the malpaís, without forgetting that beautiful image of the three most important volcanoes in Tenerife. And obviously, this excursion is one of the best places to visit and things to do in the island.