In the last week of February we had the great opportunity to stay at Albergue de Bolico for a night. Having spent a few intense, somewhat windy days there was at the time, including with orange weather warning, we headed for the Buenavista del Norte area, where our next destination awaited us… and now finally in complete and absolute tranquillity: Albergue de Bolico was everything that my parents and us three (Fabio, Noah and myself) needed to disconnect a bit from the stress which we’d felt on the south of the island the perfect quiet accommodation.

Even though we organised ourselves to try to be at the hostel before dark… it wasn’t possible. We finally arrived at night, parked the car, carried what we considered the essentials for spending a comfortable night and some food to prepare in the hostel from the car and walked the few metres towards the main building.


Tenerife Travel Secret Tip

We recommend parking in the car park which you’ll find in the entrance to the hostel. It is possible to park in front of the actual hostel building for unloading, but space is limited.

When we entered the reception area, there was an English girl peacefully eating while watching something on television. We introduced ourselves in a friendly way and told her we would not disturb her with our arrival … of course that we could not have imagined what was about to happen.


A "Nice" Anecdote for the Night

As it was getting late Noah started to show signs of tiredness, so we put some cartoons on the television for him but maybe in a new environment that wasn’t very exciting, so he started to play with the stones which were in the dining area, put them back, jump … and close the doors … among them the bedroom door … with the mobiles and entry codes inside!!!!

As if it wasn’t him, Noah immediately sat down in front of the cartoons and the four of us entered a state of semi-panic 🙂 We started to try to test our memory to remember the code which we had used to open room number 3 … After countless attempts, we realised that we had to find another solution. We searched our emails on the internet, but we hadn’t even saved the entry code there … We could have called the hostel manager, but with what?? Our phones were in the bedroom!!! As we at least had the car keys we could have driven the car to the village in search of a phone … but in the end Fábio thought to ask the English girl if by any chance she had a mobile, and it turned out that thanks to her we were able to get the codes and enjoy a pleasant, warm night.


Tenerife Travel Secret Tip

We recommend always having the entry codes with you, both for the main door and your bedroom(s). If for any reason you lose them or they don’t work, you can call the phone number which is displayed on the front door of the hostel.

Rooms at Albergue de Bolico

As there were five of us they offered us two rooms, with maximum capacity for 4 people each. Bedroom 1 has outdoor access; that is to say that to enter it you have to go out of the main building. It is the same for the other exclusive rooms: four beds divided into two bunks, wardrobe, radiator and all the bedding in cleaned bags.


We started to put our bags into the bedroom designated as number 3; just like the number 1 it is perfect for four people but has the advantage that it has direct access to the men’s and women’s bathrooms, as well as the main lounge and eating area. All the bedding was washed and folded in a big blue bag.

Hostel Facilities

The kitchen appliances are made of steel, and there are lots of utensils and cutlery – everything you need to prepare a magnificent meal in a professional, clean environment. And that’s what we did, we prepared dinner, ate peacefully in the large common room (where there are vending machines for snacks and hot and cold drinks) and we washed up the dirty dishes.


The bedroom was heated with a small radiator for an hour and a half. When we went to bed we turned it off. Even with that, the following morning we all agreed that we had been very warm all night long.

Tenerife Travel Secret Tip

Even though it can be warm inside the hostel, it is recommended to bring some warm clothing because in winter, and even in summer, the temperature in this area can drop significantly at night.

Surrounding Area of Albergue de Bolico

In the morning we couldn’t hear anything; only eventually when we paid more attention we managed to hear some birds. Such peace and fresh air, and luckily the skies were clear! From the dining area you can see all around thanks to the windows and glass doors.


We did a quick tour around the hostel and we could see a building next door where the two more rooms for groups of 10 and 12 people are.

Tenerife Travel Secret

If you plan to stay at Albergue de Bolico with a large group, there is room for 40 people in the two buildings and another 20 at the campsite next door.


It is a really unique area, with lots of vegetation in the surroundings and some beautiful views of the Parque Rural de Teno and the mountains. It is particularly aimed at those who want to be in touch with nature, in a relaxed environment - perfect for switching off. Adjacent to the hostel there is a cliff, which is the perfect place to start to explore the area. That’s what my father did with his grandson, who became entranced by some sticks he found there.


Being in a protected area like the Parque Rural de Teno, the hostel Albergue de Bolico offers lots of opportunities for walks and excursions in a peaceful and secluded setting, with very few tourists. There is a variety of flora, fauna and ancient customs which are well preserved. In a way you can take in the true Tenerife with its ancient customs which still exist in the 21st Century.


A Bit About the History of Albergue de Bolico

The company El Cardón NaturExperience also manages Albergue de Bolico, belonging to the Cabildo of Tenerife, located in one of the properties that belonged to Conde de Siete Fuentes (Earl). The Earl died childlessly, and after several somersaults (everything was initially inherited by the Church) his very extensive possessions were sold to the Cabildo of Tenerife which has offered the management of the property by public tender to several companies and institutions with the intention to activate an area of Tenerife still unknown by locals of the island.


Prices and Booking a Place at the Hostel

Albergue de Bolico offers a good quality accommodation for excellent prices. Depending on the season you can find places for as little as €25, which is a bargain, considering the cleanliness, facilities and scenic surroundings.

Location and Places to Visit Nearby

The hostel is located in what was called Finca de Bolico (Villa Bolico). In its vicinity there is a path created with native vegetation or as it is called in Tenerife, Monteverde. You can make very pleasant small (and longer) trips around the hostel (in places such as Monte del Agua, Masca, Los Carrizales, Teno Alto, El Palmar, Las Portelas, the historical district and the midlands of Buenavista del Norte).

You can also take beautiful excursions to the highlands of Teno, which will help you enjoy spectacular and unparalleled views of this prime area of ​​Tenerife. In addition you can also discover the volcanic landscape of Parque Rural de Teno (Teno Rural Park) in its entirety.


Tenerife Travel Secret

The singular location of the hostel is perfect for those who enjoy being surrounded by nature and a good starting point for outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing. It is also an extra advantage that El Cardón NaturExperience administrates the place, as they are one of the most well-known companies offering excursions and activities through the island for tourists and local inhabitants.

Albergue de Bolico - Camino Charcos Las Portelas, 38489 Las Portelas, Teno, Tenerife

Final Comments from the Authors

We were positively surprised with the facilities and breathtaking surroundings of Albergue de Bolico. This is a great place to spend some nights with friends, family or even by yourself. It is spaceful, clean and personnel extremely helpful (we could confirm that even that late hour at night when we asked for assistance with the code) – so the views are the cherry on top of the cake. From the place where the hostel is located you can take some nice trails and senderos of Tenerife, and Parque Rural de Teno is already great to explore the nature of that region of Tenerife. If what you need is a good, quality accommodation in the north of the island with very much affordable prices, then search no more – Tenerife Travel Secrets would definitely recommend Albergue de Bolico.