10 Reasons to spend your Holidays in Tenerife

Do you want to have 10 reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife? Maybe you’re asking why you should choose this island as the destination for your holidays. That's why we are offering you a small summary of the island’s qualities and advantages.

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Tenerife is the biggest island within the area of the Canary Islands (7 islands in total). Its pleasant climate, particularly on the south of the island, makes it one of the most sought-after destinations in Europe. It is an island which has and where you can do everything: sandy beaches in all possible colours, volcanic nature, water sports, hiking, etc.

Tenerife has such a wide variety of landscapes that make it a very complete tourism destination, as well as being quite cheap (relative to European prices), a safe destination (although you have to remember that there are always outsiders everywhere) and being almost 100% guaranteed to hit the mark with anyone’s preferences.

Tenerife can be a party holiday destination (with much fun to suit all ages, from teenagers to older revelers), for example in Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas, but it is also perfect for the romance and relaxation which couples seek in Costa Adeje, or activities and fun for families in Puerto de la Cruz or Playa de las Américas.

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Our 10 Reasons to Spend your Holidays in Tenerife

1. The third highest volcano in the world

One of the biggest wonders of Tenerife is the volcanic area of the Las Canadas del Teide National Park, a place which will leave you breathless by its beauty. Discover the most visited national park in Spain (3 million people visit each year) and climb the Teide volcano by cable car to get one of the best views you can imagine. 

As you climb to the highest point on the island the nature changes very drastically; so that green trees and bushes are replaced by reddish and black rocks from which adapted plants sometimes spring and then by a hostile ground which is volcanic lava. Another of the advantages of visiting this national park is that you will be able to delight in the view from the highest mountain in Spain and the third highest volcano in the world (the other two are in Hawaii) – the Teide which is 3,718 metres above sea level.

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2. Nature

On the other hand, the island has an infinite number of easy-to-follow paths and trails along the length and the breadth of Tenerife - those trails are called "senderos". There are many other natural parks where you can discover beauties and rarities made of rock (Barranco de los Arcos or Paisaje Lunar), walk along ravines (Barranco de Masca or Infierno) and above all enjoy your visit. More than twenty trails go through the Teide National Park, but you can also discover one of the geologically-speaking oldest areas such as the Teno Rural Park or even investigate a forest from the Tertiary Period (there are very few in the world) in the Anaga area on the north of the island, which is since June 2015 a Biosphere Reserve. It is also possible to go on a boat excursion to see dolphins and pilot whales which live permanently on the coast of Tenerife. So nature should certainly be one of the top 10 reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife.

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3. Parties

In February and March you can enjoy a week of carnivals in Santa Cruz, not only at night for adults but all day long for all ages. Carnival in Tenerife is known to be one the best in the world – second only to Rio de Janeiro, but attracts more and more people every year.The rest of the year you can dance in pubs, discos and salsa clubs (particularly in Los Cristianos, Playa de las Américas, Puerto de la Cruz and La Laguna, and even more so during the university year). 

If you want a more traditional option then in Spring and Summer there are many pilgrimages and traditional local festivals in almost all towns on the island, such as for example the Octava del Corpus Christi in La Orotava (usually in June), the embarkation of the Virgen del Carmen in Puerto de la Cruz (16th July) and the pilgrimage and adoration of the Virgen de Candelaria (15th August). All those parties... but only Carnival could be on of your 10 reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife...

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4. Beaches

As we already mentioned, the sand on the beaches of Tenerife comes in a variety of colours, some being black volcanic sand (particularly in the north – El Socorro, El Bollullo or La Garañona), but also artificial ones like the Las Teresitas beach which has golden sand from the Sahara Desert. In the tourism areas of Los Cristianos, Playa de las Américas and Costa Adeje the sand is lighter (from grey to yellow).

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5. Theme Parks 

Loro Parque, Las Águilas - Jungle Park, Aqualand (former Octopus), the Costa Martiánez Lake (Lido - Lago Martianez), Siam Park, Camel Park, Pueblo Chico, Monkey Park, etc. The list of entertaining, fun places is never ending. With so many theme parks, some of which considered to be on the top list in Europe and worldwide, this is on our list of 10 reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife.

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6. Active tourism and sports in general

In Tenerife you can do almost any outdoor sport at almost any time of year. The list of water-based activities is extensive: scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, parasailing, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, etc. If hiking is what interests you, the network of paths (senderos) across Tenerife is extensive and has various levels of difficulty. You can try the 0-4-0 (which goes from the beach to the mountain) or just simple walks along the Masca ravines or go abseiling down the Los Arcos ravine.

If you want to play golf you have come to the right place. Golf in Tenerife is one of the most sought for activities due to the several golf courses available across the island. Some of those courses, such as the well-known Golf del Sur (in San Miguel de Abona), are among the best in Spain.

Active tourism and sports are maybe the number one out of our 10 reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife.

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7. Accommodation

The offering of hotels in Tenerife is very large. You can enjoy more luxurious hotels and resorts, with exclusive services such as Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur (south) and Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf (north), but there are also intermediate and cheaper options which are basic but clean establishments where a couple can stay half board for as little as €40 per day … Such a bargain!

Due to such a variety, fitting all budgets and with a great quality of service, accommodation is in the list of our 10 reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife.

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8. Food

There are many types of restaurants which serve both typical local food as well as Spanish and international food. We recommend trying the conejo in salmorejo (rabbit), vieja con papas arrugadas y mojo (fish with Canary Island wrinkly potatoes and sauce) or a good potaje de berros (watercress soup) in winter. And to drink don’t forget to try Spanish sangria, the Canary Island beer Dorada, or the awarded, delicious and varied wines.

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9. Artistic Culture

In the north you will find a more traditional Tenerife with monuments, as is the case in the old towns of La Laguna (the blueprints of which served as a model for the construction of South American cities), La Orotava, Garachico and Icod de los Vinos. They are all very interesting both touristically and culturally speaking, as their exhibitions, theatre productions and concerts are exceptionally varied, just as in the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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10. Friendliness of its habitants (of course, there are always exceptions...)

And last, but not least, one of out 10 reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife is that the people that live there are very friendly, perhaps in some ways not as much as they used to be, but even so they are very open and pleasant. Obviously, we aren’t saying that you should trust strangers, but it is nice when someone in the street greets you with a friendly gesture or a smile. You can often find that on the north of the island and in many smaller villages.

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Do you need more than those 10 reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife?

If, even with this list, you aren’t convinced then you should consult the sections of things that you can do in Tenerife and the places which you have to visit … These two sections will convince you and win your heart in the end :)

Anyway, wherever you spend your holidays, whether with family, as a couple, with friends or on your own, with the spectacular landscapes which you can find in every corner of Tenerife, a fun an interesting experience is guaranteed. If you come to Tenerife, we hope that you really enjoy your holidays and take away great memories of the island!!

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Enough about our best 10 reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife. What about yours?

Tell us your best reasons to spend your holidays in Tenerife

Of course that Tenerife gives visitors many more reasons to spend their holidays there. We are sharing our top reasons, and now it's time for your to share yours... Do you have more reasons to spend some days in our beautiful island? Share it!

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