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Best Things to Do in Tenerife by the Month

No matter what season you plan to visit Tenerife, we've created the ultimate list of things to do for each month of the year. Choose your month below to view a detailed list of festivals, concerts, musical events, exhibitions, shows, sporting events, and a variety of other activities and things to do in Tenerife specific to that month. We especially love February when the internationally known Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is held. It's a must see!

That said there are additional fun and traditional festivals peppered throughout the villages, pueblos and cities of Tenerife. You'll find them listed within our Tenerife travel guide and on the above lists of things to do during your holidays in Tenerife.

Exploring Tenerife Island

As perfect as life at the beach can be, you'll want to check out more of what the Canary Islands and Tenerife have to offer while you're here.

Explore the rich cultural heritage of the island via the distinct architecture, museums, historical venues, and traditional villages such as Garachico, Icod de Los Vinos and La Laguna. On the other hand, if you prefer modern amenities, Tenerife has its southern cosmopolitan resorts of Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas that are famous for their vivid nightlife and attractions.

And then there's the attractions like Siam Park, Aqualand, Jungle Park, Loro Parque, Piramides de Guimar, Palmetum – just to name a few. There's something to satisfy every vacationer's wish list! And we have the info and photos to guide you in building your ideal Tenerife holiday schedule. We recommend you start here.

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Why We Started Our Holidays in Tenerife Travel Guide

To be honest, we started our Tenerife travel guide as a hobby. We had such a passion for our island that we wanted to capture every experience in photos and text.

We wanted the world to see how amazing Tenerife is and invite everyone to come and enjoy the beauty and adventures we get to be part of on a daily basis.

We feel so proud and happy every time a visitor like yourself sends us a compliment or posts a comment or question on our social media channels. It makes us want to explore our island further and share even more information and secrets with you like: 

  • The top places to visit in Tenerife

  • Our “must do” bucket list of Tenerife activities

  • The best attractions on the island

  • Everything you need to know about our “Father” El Teide volcano

  • News and reviews about our beautiful sandy beaches

  • Recommendations on accommodations with the best prices, location, and services for your needs and budget

  • Suggestions on where to tantalize your palate and experience the most authentic culinary offerings of the island

  • Where to find your favorite water activities and some of the best water parks in the world

  • Reviews of the golf courses that make golf in Tenerife one of the most popular activities on the island

  • Ultimate insider island secrets, including ones that will help you blend in with the locals

  • Where to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Tenerife

  • The best places to shop for local and international brands, as well as groceries, handicrafts, and more

How to Navigate Our Holidays in Tenerife Travel Guide

If you are visiting for the first time, you will find that we have included a LOT of information about what to see and do in Tenerife.

We suggest you begin with our things to do in Tenerife page, which provides details on our top attractions. Follow that by a clicking to our page on places to visit. It's a favorite of our visitors and includes locations to explore and experience the natural beauty, history, and culture of the island.

We also recommend you check our monthly schedule, which gives you a detailed list of the concerts, activities, exhibitions, festivals and traditional celebrations going on throughout the island.

On the top menu, you will see our Blog link, where you can find our most recent articles. There's also our search bar that you can use to find specific information, or if you just can't find what you're looking for, please contact us here. We want to help you in every way we can. 

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We wanted the world to see how amazing Tenerife is and invite everyone to come and enjoy the beauty and adventures we get to be part of on a daily basis.

We feel so proud and happy every time a visitor like yourself sends us a compliment or posts a comment or question on our social media channels. It makes us want to explore our island further and share even more information and secrets with you like: 

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I love Tenerife’s towns, and each one has something individual and beautiful about it. Which is your favourite?
Me encantan los pueblos de Tenerife, cada uno tiene algo de particular y precioso, ¿cuál es tu favorito?
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15 hours ago

Tenerife Travel Secrets

Las fiestas de La Orotava están cerca... #laorotava #visitlaorotava #tenerife #fiestas #lasfiestas‘DOS PASIONES, UNA FIESTA’, TÍTULO DEL CARTEL ANUNCIADOR DE LAS FIESTAS PATRONALES DE LA OROTAVA

La Fiestas Patronales de La Orotava que se celebrarán entre el 15 de mayo y el 10 de junio, ya tienen cartel anunciador. De entre las 15 obras presentadas a concurso este año, resultó ganadora la presentada por el joven orotavense Eduardo Rodríguez Díaz, quien también ganó en la pasada edición. Este certamen, que se retomó desde el año 2008, otorga un único premio por 600 euros. La obra ganadora lleva por título ‘Dos pasiones, una fiesta’.

El cartel fue elegido por los miembros de la Comisión Mixta de las Fiestas que se reunió el pasado 12 de abril en el Ayuntamiento de La Orotava. La Comisión Mixta de las Fiestas Patronales está conformada por representantes de los colectivos villeros: asociaciones de vecinos, asociaciones juveniles, grupos folclóricos, Liceo Taoro, Iglesia, Asociación de carreteros, la asociación de alfombristas, la Hermandad de Labradores, el colectivo cultural La Escalera, el gestor de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de La Orotava, y los grupos políticos con representación municipal. Y se cuenta también con el asesoramiento técnico del Director de la Escuela de Arte Perdigón, Domingo González Expósito
El autor, Eduardo Rodríguez, explica que la propuesta presentada para el concurso del cartel de las fiestas en honor al Corpus Christi y los Santos Patronos, San Isidro Labrador y Santa María de la Cabeza, “hace un guiño a las dos partes en las que se dividen las fiestas, por un lado, su carácter religioso y, por otro lado, el festivo”.

El cartel se distribuye a partir de un ambigrama central formado por la palabra Orotava, que se puede leer de cualquier manera, “y ello nos da la posibilidad de que el cartel se pueda colocar como más guste”. Son dos carteles en uno que engloban, por un lado, la simbología propia del Corpus y todo lo que se desarrolla en torno a él, y, por otro lado, toma las referencias de la tradición romera con San Isidro y Santa María de la Cabeza.

Las dos partes tienen como punto de unión las flores y como telón de fondo el atardecer de la tarde del Corpus con la silueta de la Iglesia de la Concepción, por un lado. y por otro, la silueta de la Parroquia de El Calvario, con el cielo azul, típico de los días de la romería.

De fondo y de manera sutil el pavimento de la Plaza del Ayuntamiento, punto neurálgico de las fiestas.
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We love Hotel Sandos San Blas and its concept of connection with nature and the environment, even though it’s in a place as dry as Los Abrigos…
Nos encanta el Hotel Sandos San Blas y su concepto de conexión con la naturaleza y el medioambiente… aunque sea en un lugar tan seco como es la zona de Los Abrigos.
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Do you have children? Where would you like to take them when you’re out and about in Tenerife?
¿Tienes hijos? ¿A dónde te gusta llevarlos cuando sales de paseo en Tenerife?
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